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Ariela Shows Off Brand-New Lips In ‘Corny’ Video

Ariela Weinberg posts a cryptic motivational video addressing her fight with Biniyam Shibre’s sisters on Instagram, while flaunting her makeover.

Amid plastic surgery rumors, 90 Day Fiancé star Ariela Weinberg is flaunting her new lips in a “corny” new video she’s posted on Instagram. Princeton resident Ariela was pregnant with Biniyam Shibre’s baby Aviel Shibre when she moved to Ethiopia in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 2. Ariela and Biniyam’s storyline gained traction, owing to their cultural and religious differences, as she struggled to adjust to his lifestyle and his religion. But the couple did get engaged and are now about to get married in 90 Day Fiancé season 9. And Ariela’s relationship with Biniyam has evolved, so has her face.

In 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3, Ariela and Biniyam’s storyline had a new member in it, her ex-husband Leandro Fosque. His presence in Ethiopia created trust issues between Biniyam and Ariela, and when she had to move back to the U.S. for Avi’s surgery, Biniyam gave up on their romance. Interestingly, the scenes filmed after Ariela was in America showed her looking very different than before. Fans wondered if she had gotten plastic surgery, but she denied it on Instagram. As per Ariela, her new face was the result of Botox, fillers, and some other treatment.

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Ariela posted videos of her getting fillers to prove what she was saying. Her latest Instagram update is Ariela sporting what fans think is a new pair of lips as she provides them with “some corny but honest positivity to end your day or to start it!” The TLC reality TV star uses a voiceover to explain the three things that she wanted to hear, starting with how one can never satisfy an “ungrateful person” no matter how kind or generous someone is. “Learning how to stay calm when you are disrespected, it’s a superpower,” was Ariela’s second piece of advice. In the third tip, she declared that giving up is never an option.

While doling out these helpful ideas, Ariela couldn’t stop pouting or blowing kisses at the screen. 90 Day Fiancé fans agreed with her as they commented how beautiful she looked in the clip. A few noticed that Ariela had also dyed her hair a darker color, which was making her look even more glamorous. Fans also related Ariela’s advice to a recent 90 Day Fiancé scene in which Biniyam’s sister threw wine in Ariela’s face, and she didn’t lash out at them after the assault. In fact, she remained calm and handled the situation with ease without creating drama as fans would have expected her to in any other situation.

Ariela has come a long way from being the angry twenty-something who often shouted at Biniyam on 90 Day Fiancé whenever things didn’t go her way. This new zen-mode that Ariela has adapted is not only helping her save her relationship but also getting her brownie points from fans. At the risk of breaking her contract, Ariela has revealed that she has now mended her relationship with Biniyam’s sisters and would never keep baby Avi away from his family. Ariela getting a redemption arc is never something that 90 Day Fiancé viewers would have expected. But it’s also her tastefully done cosmetic procedures that also are leaving fans equally impressed.

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Source: Ariela Weinberg/Instagram

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