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Elden Ring Build Replicates Bloodborne Boss, Complete With Phase 2

A talented Elden Ring player managed to create a shockingly accurate build modeled after Bloodborne’s Father Gascoigne, even including a second phase.

An Elden Ring player managed to recreate one of the most famous early bosses of Bloodborne, and the results are extremely impressive. Elden Ring‘s character creation system is the most complex and robust of any FromSoftware game, and it has given players almost complete control over how their avatars look, assisted by the innumerable pieces of gear scattered throughout The Lands Between. Dedicated and detail-oriented players have even managed to bring other video game characters like God of War‘s Kratos to Elden Ring.

Father Gascoigne is the first major, lore-heavy boss that players will encounter in Bloodborne. As an experienced hunter who has succumbed to the thirst and bloodlust of the hunt, he has turned mad and uses his skills to try to kill the player character. For many Bloodborne players, this boss will pose a significant challenge, as his transforming axe and blunderbuss combo make him nimble and versatile. Like many FromSoftware bosses, Father Gascoigne has a second phase, wherein he will transform into a rabid, wolf-like beast with claws that he can swing wildly at the player, completely changing his established move set. Bloodborne players can use tricks to beat Gascoigne, but he remains one of the most memorable and challenging parts of the early game.


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An Elden Ring player has payed homage to Father Gascoigne via a specialized build that was shared by Reddit user orionthehoonter (via PCGamesN). The Father Gascoigne player, whom orionthehoonter faced off against, dons a hat and garb remarkably similar to the ragged apparel of Gascoigne in Bloodborne. He also has a short axe and a long axe that are swapped out to simulate the transforming axe from Bloodborne, and makes use of the Bestial Sling incantation to simulate the blunderbuss. Most impressive, however, is the way that this player recreated Gascoigne’s transformation, quickly swapping in a wolf mask and dual claw weaponry to mimic the appearance of a wild beast.

Anyone who has played Bloodborne will instantly recognize this iconic character in Elden Ring, as the recreation is shockingly accurate. Elden Ring‘s fantasy story may be bigger and more ambitious than Bloodborne‘s, but it’s clear that FromSoftware’s 2015 release is still alive and well in the hearts of gamers, some of whom will go on to commemorate it in Elden Ring.

This Father Gascoigne build is certainly impressive, but it will be interesting to see what other Bloodborne characters and monsters players will manage to replicate in the future. Elden Ring‘s huge selection of gear and customization options leave the doors wide open for creative expression and virtual cosplays, so there is room for inventive players to continue to pay tribute to Bloodborne.

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Source: orionthehoonter/Reddit (via PCGamesN)

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