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Venom Admits a Surprising Marvel Avenger is His Favorite Human Host

Venom is an overpowered symbiote when bonded to a regular human, but one Avenger-level superhero gave him an arsenal he will never forget.

Venom may be known for his gruff exterior, but the Marvel icon did once admit that out of all the mighty warriors bonded with in the past, it is Captain Marvel Carol Danvers who claims the top spot, as his favorite superhuman host to join in battle.

After serving alongside other criminals in Osborn’s Thunderbolts, Venom was promoted to the Avengers roster… with former Scorpion Mac Gargan using the symbiote’s powers to masquerade as Spider-Man. Naturally, the real Spider-Man and Venom would eventually confront each other in Broxton, Oklahoma during the events of Siege. When their battle was interrupted by the intervention of Carol Danvers, the symbiote saw an opportunity to bond with a new host, gleefully enjoying Carol’s strength, flight, and her ability to discharge and absorb energy as the new Venom.


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In Siege: Spider-Man # 1 by Brian Reed and Marco Santucci, their banter and conflict leaves the floating city of Asgard and falls into the town of Broxton. When Ms. Marvel intervenes, Carol gets a quick lesson about symbiotes from Peter and devises a quick solution to the gruesome creature by removing Gargan completely from the symbiote. Although it seems like a simple yet genius resolution, the victory turns to horror as the symbiote immediately forces itself onto Carol and gives birth to a new Venom complete with access to Carol’s memories and powers to which Venom proclaims, “Ms. Marvel is now my favorite superhero!”

The alien anti-hero has been vocal over the years regarding the Venom symbiote’s love for its hosts which would also include Ben Reilly, Flash Thompson, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and others before returning to Eddie Brock. Ms. Marvel herself would eventually transition to becoming Captain Marvel which would see her rejoin the Avengers, manage S.W.O.R.D for a time, and even become the Supreme Accuser in the united Kree/Skrull empire. But long before then, and with a head that recalls Carol’s time as Binary, Venom was overjoyed at Carol’s Kree-given powers (which could be used against Spider-Man). It also created a conflict of interest for Spider-Man as its access to Carol’s memory allows the symbiote to play with Peter’s emotions, concerned that their fight might injure his friend and teammate who may potentially have feelings for him.

When he isn’t able to get access to fire or sound, Peter is able use electricity to provide Carol with enough energy to permanently sever its connection with Venom and free herself. Although Venom returns to Gargan without even an apology, Carol could then understand Spider-Man’s long-time enmity with the villain. Although Captain Marvel wasn’t the most powerful host who had ever bonded with the infamous symbiote, Venom could definitely consider Carol as of his favorites, something Spider-Man would point out isn’t much of a compliment.

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