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Skyrim Player & Father Recreated In-Game Look Stunningly Realistic

A Skyrim player has been able to perfectly recreate both themselves and their father as the Last Dragonborn in the game’s character creator.

A The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim player has been able to perfectly recreate both themselves and their father in the game as the Last Dragonborn, with stunningly realistic results. Skyrim‘s character creator is detailed, allowing players to create many different faces for their playable heroes. This has even led to a variety of fictional characters from other franchises wandering around Tamriel’s cold northern province.

Customizable character creators like Skyrim‘s can offer players a lot of fun. Ones with a greater number of customization options, allowing players to fine-tune the shapes of features like the jaw and nose, can be used to great effect and allow for more unique playthroughs no matter the game. While there are players who will understandably stick with the preset options, those who are willing to spend the time on getting their character just right can finish the process with a spectacular result, or at the very least, an extremely comedic one. Players of games like Elden Ring have created funny meme characters based on other IP, including Shrek, Star Wars heroes and villains, and more.


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Reddit user and Skyrim player AureliaRiddle has recreated their own face in the game with a high degree of accuracy, in addition to that of their father as well. Showing their realistic character creations on Reddit, the post features a side-by-side comparison of both AureliaRiddle and their father in and out of the game, revealing just how accurate the recreations really are. Aside from a difference in hairstyles, which is all but inevitable given the inherent limitations of any game system, both faces have been recreated perfectly. To create similar characters, Skyrim players need to have the RaceMenu mod installed, along with additional sliders.

RaceMenu is one of many player-made mods for Skyrim that provides additional options for users as they journey through the game world. Mods are an ever-popular part of the Skyrim experience, and have helped contribute to the game’s longstanding popularity even over a decade after its original launch. Mod options for Skyrim are all but limitless, with users able to improve game mechanics, introduce new questlines, or, as in the case of AureliaRiddle, create hyper-realistic characters for their Skyrim adventures.

While it may be a little disappointing for some to learn that these characters were not created in vanilla Skyrim, it’s worth remembering how far game development – and in-game custom options – have come since the Bethesda classic first released. Skyrim is limited by its own programming, and is unable to support the same range of customization options that other, often newer games have. Instead, mods like RaceMenu help to fill in the gaps for players, so that they can play the way they want to. AureliaRiddle’s skill in manipulating character creation options should not be understated, as their amazing results demonstrate how a video game can be used to reflect reality with just a little work, so that real people can be inserted into a world like Skyrim.

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Source: AureliaRiddle/Reddit

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