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NCIS Star Really Believes Mark Harmon’s Gibbs Could Return

NCIS fans have been wondering if Mark Harmon’s Gibbs will return to the show, and star Sean Murray confesses he thinks it’s a real possibility.

NCIS star Sean Murray admits he truly believes Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs could return in a future episode. CBS’ hit procedural has long been one of television’s most reliable performers, and that remains true even in its current run. NCIS season 19 has brought about a number of changes to the core team, with two new members – Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) and Alden Parker (Gary Cole) – joining the team. With season 20 already on the way, the series is poised to air its finale in just over a week, telling a story that will find Agent Parker in the crosshairs when he’s framed for murder.


And yet, even as NCIS season 19 explores the new team dynamics and offers up plenty of twisty mysteries involving the US Navy, there is still one major character looming over the series. Harmon, who led NCIS as stoic Agent Gibbs from its very first episode in 2003, notably departed the series early on in season 19. It was something that had been rumored for some time, though the reveal that Gibbs decided to stay in Alaska after a long case still came as a surprise. NCIS season 19 has mentioned Gibbs multiple times, and it could be that his story isn’t quite done.

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Murray, who plays probie-turned-seasoned agent Timothy McGee, thinks as much too. In a recent conversation with Parade, Murray says he thinks there is a real chance that Harmon will put in another appearance as Gibbs. And lest fans think he’s just trying to string them along, Murray swears he is being honest in his beliefs. He says:

“He [Harmon] does pop in. I saw him two weeks ago actually. So, he’s around. It’s not like he’s packed up and left town or anything. I’m not saying this just to say it for a tease and all that BS, I really, truly believe that the Gibbs could pop up somewhere. I really believe that there’s a possibility of that happening.”

Mark Harmon as Jethro Gibbs on NCIS

Murray also confesses that he frequently jokes with former NCIS co-star Michael Weatherly about his own possible return as Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. With Weatherly’s show Bull having just come to a close, there is a good chance DiNozzo could put in a return trip to NCIS. However, based on Murray’s comments, it sounds like Harmon’s reprisal is a bit more likely. Harmon is still an executive producer on the series, and he remains a part of the opening credits. It would be easy to have him film a quick scene for a new NCIS episode, assuming Harmon even wants to.

It remains to be seen if the upcoming NCIS season 19 finale will feature a Gibbs cameo. With the main plot revolving around his replacement, Parker, it might be better to have Gibbs sit this one out. At the same time, it would be nice to hear how he’s doing all the way up in Alaska. NCIS producer Steven D. Binder previously teased that the season 19 finale will find McGee stepping into a leadership position, so perhaps he could call Gibbs for some advice. Now that the possibility has been voiced by one of the stars, it could only be a matter of time before Harmon makes another NCIS appearance.

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NCIS season 19 airs new episodes Mondays on CBS.

Source: Parade

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