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Sims 4 Players Want Werewolves To Recreate Twilight

The high likelihood that The Sims 4 will soon release werewolf-centric DLC has inspired many players to discuss recreating Twilight’s love triangle.

Players of The Sims 4 players are eager for the potential release of werewolf DLC, since combined with the game’s existing Vampires Game Pack it could be used to recreate the plot of the Twilight series. Although there is a very large amount of DLC for Sims 4, the fan-favorite supernatural-type werewolves have not yet made an appearance in the latest installment of the long-standing life simulation series.

The cult-classic Twilight series – originally a series of books adapted into movies – focuses on the lives of the Cullens, a vampire family living in rural Washington. Much of the plot centers around a love triangle between human Bella Swan, vampire Edward Cullen, and werewolf Jacob Black. Both werewolves and vampires have existed in every entry in the Sims series in some form until The Sims 4, which has up to this point only offered playable vampires. However, a recent Sims 4 roadmap has finally teased the long-awaited lycanthropes, most likely set to be offered in an upcoming Game Pack.


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A recent Reddit post by user AnnDoll91 has revealed how excited many Sims 4 fans are that werewolves are likely to be a part of the next DLC release, specifically so that they can recreate Twilight. Many other users chimed in to agree with the Redditor, with commenters mentioning everything from the fact that Bella Swan’s home can be found on the Sims Creator Gallery, to the suggestion that Edward’s adopted father Carlisle be replaced with famous Sims 4 vampire Vladislaus Straud. Others expressed their desire to recreate other pop culture that also features both werewolves and vampires, such as The Vampire Diaries.

Homages to media, recreated within The Sims series, have always been a popular pastime for players, whether it’s simply recreating famous locales in The Sims 4 or entire retellings of classic stories. The game lends itself perfectly to constructing narratives, and letting users put their own spin on stories that have already been told. While the Vampires DLC has long let players tell vampire stories, the popular crossover between werewolves and vampires has been unachievable – but hopefully not for much longer. Although Twilight’s Jacob Black is technically a shapeshifter and not a werewolf, a new Sims 4 DLC all about werewolves could be the perfect tool to play out the famous Edward versus Jacob rivalry.

One of the largest things that makes The Sims 4 appealing is the overall freedom it offers players to create their own characters and stories in-game, as well as recreations of their favorites. Perhaps players want to change the story’s ending, or plan to play it out exactly as it happens in the book. A combination of increased amounts of DLC and robust Sims Gallery options makes it easy for players to create or download their favorite characters, with options only increasing over time. Regardless of players’ specific motives behind in-game retellings, if the next Sims 4 DLC does indeed include werewolves, it will undoubtedly make an excellent resource for any fans looking to celebrate their favorite supernatural characters from Twilight and beyond.

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Source: AnnDoll91/Reddit

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