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All The Signs RHOM’s Lisa & Lenny Hochstein Were Headed For Divorce

On The Real Housewives of Miami, Lisa and Lenny Hochstein have announced their divorce after showing signs of being at odds with each other.

After showing signs of a troubled marriage on The Real Housewives of Miami, Lisa and Lenny Hochstein have called it quits, and there were clues that they weren’t going to make it. When Lenny confirmed the split, fans were surprised, but not totally shocked. His announcement came one week after a nightclub showdown with Lisa and his new girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa. Even before Lenny decided to move on with a younger woman, there were hints that the plastic surgeon had checked out of his marriage.

During the nine years that The Real Housewives of Miami was on hiatus, a lot changed for Lisa and Lenny. At the end of season 3, the couple shared their hopes of starting a family. When they returned for season 4 last year, the two were busy raising their two young kids, Logan and Elle. However, RHOM‘s Lenny’s energy was off while he was around his wife. Lisa was clearly smitten with her husband and looking for affection from him, but he just wasn’t reciprocating.


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At the reunion, Lisa broke down in tears while revealing Lenny’s past “emotional affair.” She claimed they were able to move past it. However, her raw emotion highlighted the couple’s marital woes. In the weeks ahead of Lenny’s divorce announcement, the plastic surgeon had been fueling rumors by stepping out publicly with Katharina. The same week that Lisa confronted the couple at Gala nightclub in Miami, he was spotted on a double date at Prime 112. While confirming the divorce, Lenny praised his new girlfriend. “It was after the decision was made that I started seeing Katharina,” Lenny told Page Six. He also claimed that Lisa was fully aware that he was dating someone else. “This is something that Lisa was well aware of before it happened,” he said.

lisa and lenny hochstein and their son

It does look like the divorce was Lenny’s decision. Sources say that Lisa was “blindsided” by Lenny’s “reckless” response to their split. She hadn’t been aware of any divorce plans, but got the point once Lenny started stepping out with Katharina. Now, the mother of two is focusing on raising their children. They will continue co-parenting while ending their marriage. With filming underway, their divorce will most likely be a central storyline in season 5. Lenny made sure to note that their divorce has nothing to do with filming the show. Their spark had fizzled out long before the cameras started rolling last year.

Since Lisa boasted about Lenny being the “perfect wife” in her season 4 tagline, she’ll have to deal with him moving on with a younger woman next season. Lisa is the latest The Real Housewives of Miami star to go through a divorce. She has the support of Larsa Pippen, Alexia Echevarria, and the other women in the cast who have also dissolved their marriages. Season 5 is nowhere near a premiere date, and fans are already excited for new episodes. Lisa will unfortunately have to share her heartbreak with the world.

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Source: Page Six

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