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Evil Dead: The Game – The Best Puppeteer Skills to Get First

The Puppeteer is the most diverse demon class in Evil Dead: The Game, and its units use a mix of telekinetic, lightning, and explosive damage.

The Puppeteer is arguably the most difficult of the demon classes to master in Evil Dead: The Game, but unlocking the right skills early and developing a few strategies can help players take advantage of the power behind this team. The Puppeteer units use different telekinetic, lightning, and explosive abilities to defeat Survivors, and there are skills that affect each type of attack. While the Puppeteer may require more strategy than the Warlord or Necromancer, there are also more possibilities to explore with these units.

Like the other demons, there are three types of combatants that the Puppeteer can use, which include the basic, elite, and boss units. For the Puppeteer, the basic unit is the Deadite Berserker, the elite is the Demi Eligos, and Eligos is the boss unit. Each unit has different abilities and passive skills in Evil Dead: The Game to consider when using them. For example, the Deadite Berserker is the only one that will self-destruct, but the Eligos unit can is invisible while moving.


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Along with the individual skills of each unit, players will have one active skill to start with and three passive abilities that unlock at levels 15, 25, and 45. The first skill is Puppet Master: Power Possess, and it causes a possessed unit to deal more damage, cause more fear, and have increased health. At level 15, Puppet Grand Master 1, which increases the previous ability’s effectiveness, will be unlocked. The Puppet Grand Master 2 skill increases the health and damage buffs even further and unlocks at 25. The final skill buff to unlock at level 45 is Puppet Grand Master 3. Unlocking every passive skill requires leveling up in Evil Dead: The Game, and doing so will also require players to spend points in the Talent Tree.

Best Talent Tree Skills For The Puppeteer In Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead The Game The Best Puppeteer Skills to Get First Talent Tree

The Puppeteer has a wide range of skills, and it can be hard to determine which ones to focus on first. As is the case with all characters in Evil Dead: The Game, the Puppeteer’s max level doesn’t allow for every skill to be unlocked. Luckily, players can change skills at any time without penalty, so it can be helpful to experiment with them a bit. Some skills focus on dealing more damage while others negatively affect Survivors. There are also specific damage and health buffs for each type of unit that can be worth unlocking on the Talent Tree, but they require other skills to be unlocked first and aren’t the best abilities to focus on acquiring first. The best skills in Evil Dead: The Game to get first for the Puppeteer don’t require a lot of points to be spent in the Talent Tree.

  • Shock and Awe: Increases the damage radius of the Thunderstruck ability. Unlocking this skill first will grant access to other abilities on the Talent Tree and it also helps the Puppeteer damage more Survivors at once.
  • Insane Clown Posse: Increases the damage inflicted by clones. Increasing overall damage is key to winning as the Puppeteer.
  • High Voltage: Increases the damage inflicted by Thunderstruck. With the radius already increased, boosting the damage as well will help the Puppeteer take out Survivors quicker.
  • Demonic Demolition: Increases the damage dealt when a Deadite Berserker self-destructs.
  • Berserker Blowout: Increases the blast radius of the Deadite Berserker’s self-destruct. The self-destruct skill in Evil Dead: The Game is already a strong attack, and increasing the damage and radius could potentially down multiple Survivors at once.
  • Head Start: Start the match with a portion of the Puppeteer’s maximum Infernal Energy. Beginning a match with Infernal Energy gives the demon side a significant advantage over the Survivors because they can start performing actions right away.
  • Infernal Revenue: Increases the amount of Infernal Energy collected from orbs. Starting with Infernal Energy and rapidly gaining more helps to ensure victory as the Puppeteer in Evil Dead: The Game.

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Evil Dead: The Game is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.


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