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Rob Zombie’s Munsters Image Reveals Look at Richard Brake’s Wolfgang

Rob Zombie shares a picture celebrating Richard Brake wrapping filming on The Munsters and gives a new look at his character Wolfgang.

A new image from the set of Rob Zombie’s The Munsters gives a new look at Richard Brake’s Wolfgang. Zombie’s career has seen him evolve from heavy metal musician to filmmaker and horror aficionado. Now he remains active in both his music and his filmmaking, incorporating his love for horror in his work. Zombie’s current film project is an eagerly anticipated reboot of the beloved 1960s sitcom The Munsters.

The Munsters reboot was announced in 2021 with Zombie as writer, director, and producer. The film stars Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster, the hardworking family patriarch, Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily Munster, a vampire and Herman’s wife, and Daniel Robuck as Grandpa, Lily’s cantankerous father. Plot details for Zombie’s Munsters have not been released yet, but the titular family will be joined by a whole cast of spooky characters including Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang. Richard Brake, known for his role in Batman Begins, portrays Wolfgang, who Zombie described as “Transylvania’s most popular mad scientist. 


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Zombie now gives an update on Brake’s Wolfgang in a new social media post. In the post, Zombie shares a picture of him and Brake, who is in full costume as the mad scientist. Not only does the image offer a new look at Brake’s character, but it also celebrates Brake officially wrapping up his time on The Munsters set. Zombie’s caption reads, “Another day, another actor calls it a wrap.” Check out the full post below:

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It is no secret that The Munsters has been something of a passion project for Zombie. He has been careful to preserve details from the original sitcom, like the Munsters’ iconic home on 1313 Mockingbird Lane and the television show’s family-friendly tone. As the production of The Munsters progressed, the director has shown his excitement for the project by sharing frequent behind-the-scenes looks online. Brake’s comment under Zombie’s recent post reveals that the actor shares in that excitement. He responds to Zombie’s caption, “And what a wild time it was!!!!” It’s nice to see the actor enjoyed his time working on the film and indicates fans are in for a treat themselves.

Still, despite all of Zombie’s updates on social media, there has been little official word on a trailer or premiere date. With this most recent post, Brake joins some other Munsters cast members, like Catherine Schell and Sylvester McCoy, who have also wrapped filming. Clearly, production creeps closer to its end. Although a premiere date has yet to be set for The Munsters, the announcement can probably be expected soon as more cast members finish filming. It has been quite the journey for this project, and it will soon reach a major milestone as production wraps.

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Source: Rob Zombie/Instagram

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