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Armie Hammer Family Secrets TV Show Has Found A Network

The true crime docuseries House of Hammer, which will follow the alleged crimes of Armie Hammer and his family, finds a home at Discovery+.

The impending special about the secrets and crimes of Armie Hammer and his family has found a network. Hammer is an actor who is best known for his work in the Oscar-nominated films The Social Network, in which he played both Winklevoss twins, and Call Me By Your Name, in which he played the strapping American love interest Oliver. He has also appeared in several reboots of classic IPs including Gore Verbinski’s 2013 film The Lone Ranger and Guy Ritchie’s 2015 spy thriller The Man from U.N.C.L.E. opposite Justice League‘s Henry Cavill. Most recently, he has played the husband of Gal Gadot in the Poirot murder mystery Death on the Nile.


Hammer has a long history of wealth in his family lineage. He is the great-grandson of industrialist and oil magnate Armand Hammer, who ran the company Occidental Petroleum and had a close relationship with Lenin and the Soviet Union. His family has only continued to court controversy since then, as his father Julian Hammer has been accused of murder and sexual abuse. The actor himself has recently been accused of emotional abuse, manipulation, and violence against women, causing him to drop out of several high-profile projects.

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In April 2021 it was announced that Hammer’s aunt Casey Hammer, who previously penned the 2015 tell-all Surviving My Birthright, would be developing a docuseries about the Hammer family tracing their rise and fall and their crimes and controversies, both old and new. Per Variety, the doc has now officially found a home. ID and Discovery+ will be premiering the project, which is now under the working title House of Hammer.

Armie Hammer in Death on the Nile

Talos Films, the company that is producing the project, already has a working relationship with Discovery+. They previously provided the network with its 2021 true-crime docuseries Queen of Meth, which followed the drug trafficking performed by Tom Arnold’s sister Lori Arnold. They clearly have a track record of bringing salacious celebrity stories to life, and Discovery+ was eager to include them in their upcoming true-crime slate once more.

This exposé of Armie Hammer and his family will be the first project to be an all-encompassing account of accusations from five generations back all the way to the present day. It will also include all-new interviews with survivors of the Hammers as well as various family members. The series promises to be a harrowing account of the misbehavior of privileged men, and will certainly be a huge draw for the network. Although no release date has been announced, audiences can keep an eye on the upcoming listings of Discovery+, because now that the series has an official home, it likely won’t be long before the announcement.

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Source: Variety

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