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After powering through the six heartwarming episodes of Love on the Spectrum U.S., fans are likely Googling all the main cast members, curious to find out what they are up to now. The end credits provided some insight, such as that Subodh and Rachel are still together and that Peter stood Kaelynn up for that second date. But that’s only as current as when it was put together.

To get the most up-to-date information on each cast member and what they are doing now, social media is the best option. Not all the main cast members have a social presence, but many do, and one was even a TikTok star long before the show.



Abbey is like a teenage girl in an older woman’s body, and indeed, described herself as feeling as though she had another person inside of her trying to communicate. Abbey has been a social media star for some time with more than 360,000 followers on TikTok where she posts about her handmade hats, her dog, and other tidbits about her life.

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Not surprisingly, Abbey’s bio discusses her love of lions and mermaids, as well as her affinity for singing and making hats. Her Instagram profile includes various videos of her singing songs, usually about what it’s like to grow up with autism.


Dani charmed fans right away with her direct nature and clear picture of the type of man she wants to date. He not only has to be smart, driven, and wealthy, but he also has to have an interest in animation. As she describes, animation is her life. Dani made connections with two men on the show, Solomon and Adan, and while she broke up with Solomon, she ended up reconnecting with and dating him, the final credits indicated. After they broke up, she set up another date with Adan, so it’s possible they might be able to pursue something lasting.

A driven and confident woman, Dani knows what she wants and won’t settle for less. If there’s any question that the show is infantilizing, which is one of the unpopular opinions about Love on the Spectrum, according to Reddit, Dani proves otherwise. Her Instagram profile promotes both her appearance on the reality dating show as well as other speaking engagements. “I have autism,” she writes in her bio, “but autism does not have me.”


Steve from Love on the Spectrum US sitting in a chair, smiling.

As the oldest cast member on Love on the Spectrum, including both the U.S. and Australian versions, 63-year-old Steve does not have a visible presence on Instagram. Indeed, on the show, he mentioned that he does not know how to use a computer on his own but can use one with the help of his personal assistant.

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Given that she helped him set up dating profiles on dating sites online, he may begin to get more proficient in tech on his own and consider creating a presence on Instagram. Fans fell in love with Steve’s corny jokes, sweet personality, and deep desire to find a lifelong partner. Uniquely, unlike the others on the show, Steve wasn’t diagnosed until late in life.


Subodh from Love on the Spectrum US talking to the camera.

The cheerful young man went on his first date ever on the show, met a girl he really liked, and asked her to be his girlfriend. By the end credits of the season, it was revealed that they were still together. Subodh had one of the most successful journeys on the show.

While he isn’t on Instagram, Subodh does have a Facebook profile where he categorizes himself as being “in a relationship.” If he updates his status frequently, chances are that he is still with Rachel. Subodh and Rachel could become one of the Love on the Spectrum couples who stay together for the long haul.


James from Love on the Spectrum smiling, in full renaissance regalia.

Completely full of personality and having fans cracking up at his constant annoyance with his parents always giving advice or suggestions, many of James’ moments could rank among the funniest and most adorable moments on Love on the Spectrum. James loves everything about Renaissance Faires and has an expansive collection of everything from rocks to canes and swords. He met a good match with Emma, but it seemed she didn’t feel the chemistry on a romantic level and only wanted to remain platonic friends.

At 34 years old, James is excited to hopefully one day find the right one for him. Having a social media profile on Instagram might help, but it doesn’t appear as though he has one. In fact, he couldn’t be found on any social site at all.


Interestingly, Kaelynn is the only one to go on a date with someone who wasn’t on the spectrum. She refers to autism as one of many disabilities she has, despite the fact that using this term is one of the problematic things about Love on The Spectrum, according to Reddit. But while the first official date with Peter seemed to go well when Kaelynn revealed that she was on the spectrum, it was revealed at the end that Peter canceled on her.

Kaelynn’s profile has tons of photos promoting the show and her appearance on it as well as photos of her with her dog, friends, and family.

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