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Chilling FNAF Fan Video Looks Just Like a Found Footage Movie

A Five Nights at Freddy’s fan has made a nightmarish found footage animation, featuring a terrifying Withered Chica in the setting of FNAF 2.

Five Nights at Freddy’s fan has created a spine-chilling short animated video in the style of found footage horror. The massively popular indie horror franchise has inspired players to create all sorts of fanworks, from impressive art to an adorable Furby version of Glamrock Freddy.

With a timeline that spans decades, one of the more interesting design aspects of FNAF is seeing the familiar animatronic characters being reimagined to fit a new time and setting. The sleek and shiny Glamrock animatronics of Security Breach are, for example, a far cry from the fur-clad pizzeria band of the original game. In FNAF 2, the original band is seen relegated to a back room, Parts/Service, where they are being used for spare parts and consequently are all in a dilapidated state. This poor state of repair gave rise to the name of ‘Withered Animatronics,’ to differentiate these incarnations from their more presentable selves from FNAF 1. The Withered designs were quick to capture the attention of fans, and so have naturally given rise to many creative works, such as an intricate pipe cleaner doll of FNAF‘s Withered Bonnie.


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Now another FNAF withered animatronic, Withered Chica, is the star of a short fan-made video by Reddit user The-Endos-Cove, entitled The Party Room. The video, made in Blender, is presented as a short of footage from a hand-held camcorder. In a scene straight out of a found footage horror movie, the unknown filmer explores the eponymous room, examining wall decorations and the like before a noise draws their attention. Turning around, the filmer (and audience) is greeted by the abrupt appearance of Withered Chica, before the video ominously cuts to a black screen and the sound of static. It is a small but well-executed jumpscare, perfectly in keeping with FNAF‘s iconic style of scares.

The Withered Chica model used in the FNAF video is especially creepy, with the broken jaw showing off the character’s notorious second set of teeth in detail. Another factor to note is the pair of ever-so-slightly unfocused eyes, a small detail that helps greatly to sell the idea of this Chica being broken down and in disrepair. The-Endos-Cove’s skill in modeling and animating is quickly apparent in The Party Room, and the genuinely scary climax has fans both flinching and eager for more; an impressive feat for a clip that is only 33 seconds long. The usage of Chica has proven to be a wise choice, despite the fact that her popularity is obviously secondary to the popularity of FNAF‘s Freddy himself; a perfect example of good character design in action.

For just a moment, it can be surprisingly easy to forget that The Party Room is simply a fan animation and not an official FNAF creation. The-Endos-Cove’s work is very well executed, and much like in real found footage films, the viewer finds themselves interested in even the most benign details of the world shown to them. Suspension of disbelief is in full effect here, which is what makes the apparent attack by Withered Chica so very effective in its suddenness. It is both spontaneous and a natural progression of events. As such, the video’s shortness is obviously no real barrier to its inherent scariness, and given the ending, it might even enhance it. Although the official Five Nights at Freddy’s games have changed in tone with the 2021 launch of FNAF: Security Breach, it is clear that fanworks are more than capable of emulating the earlier games.

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Source: The-Endos-Cove/Reddit

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