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Animal Crossing Video Teaches You How to Treasure Hunt Like Jolly Redd

A fan-made Animal Crossing animation purports to show the adventures that the swindling fox, Jolly Redd, undergoes to procure the wares he sells.

A new Animal Crossing fan video purports to show Jolly Redd and how he goes treasure hunting for wares to sell. Jolly Redd is a fox that has been peddling illicit goods and art since the very first installment of the Animal Crossing series. Despite his shady nature, as most of the art pieces he sells are fakes, every so often Redd has a genuine article for sale that players can buy if their eye is keen enough.

A trait that Animal Crossing fans are quite familiar with when it comes to Redd is how he tends to overcharge for the items he sells, looking for any way to squeeze more Bells from players. However, one thing many fans don’t know about him, even after all this time, is how Redd manages to find real pieces of art. Considering the variety of masterpieces he can have in his possession, all from different eras and regions of the world, it does inspire some curiosity as to how Redd acquires them.


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Animator WoodenTurtle has created a step-by-step guide on Redd’s methods of finding treasures to sell. Posing as an old instructional VHS tape that Redd is selling to teach how he treasures hunts, Redd narrates the video and breaks it all down into six simple steps. His first steps involve finding “somewhere old“, and thus travels to an ancient Egyptian tomb in his “Treasure Trawler” boathouse. After exploring the temple, with blatant disregard for anything that doesn’t look valuable, Redd raids the tomb and awakens a mummy in the process. From that point on, the video takes on a creepier horror-based vibe as Redd makes his escape. Redd narrowly makes it out of the tomb with a genuine “Mystic Statue”, also known as famous the bust statue of Queen Nefertiti, along with a King Tut Mask.

WoodenTurtle’s video manages to stay delightfully true to Redd’s in-game personality as he navigates an ancient Egyptian tomb without caring for anything except what can earn him a profit. The attention to detail shows a lot of care, like the Mystic Statue being the “real” one, as opposed to the fake with the earring that Redd may try to sell to players in-game. While the King Tut Mask isn’t an item Redd usually sells, as it’s an item that players can craft themselves, it feels perfectly in character for Redd to steal it right off the mummy wearing it. The slight dip into the horror genre as Redd explores the tomb, with seemingly no fear even as the mummy rises to chase him, feels like a great side story adventure for another Animal Crossing spin-off.

While we may never officially know how the strange Animal Crossing kitsune NPC gets his more “legitimate” merchandise, WoodenTurtle’s video is a fun and gratifying exploration of that question. If even a sliver of this video turned out to be the truth, perhaps Redd’s high prices would have some justification after all. For now, Redd and his questionable wares will remain one of the mysteries of the Animal Crossing series.

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Source: WoodenTurtle/YouTube

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