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Prey Trailer Hints The Predator Is Breaking Its Own Battle Rule

Prey’s trailer sees the Predator take aim at two young Comanche warriors, teasing new rules for the Predator and a new direction for the series.

Prey’s latest teaser trailer may establish new rules for the Predator, with big changes overall for the series going forward. The fifth instalment in the Predator franchise is looking to branch away from the pre-established series norms and re-invent itself, this is evident in the change of lead with Naru (Amber Midthunder) being the first female lead of the series – not including Alien Vs Predator. Prey is also using its prequel premise to deliver a fresh take on the solider vs monster idea, which could save the Predator movie franchise.

In previous instalments, especially the first film, Predator has been an entity that hunts for sport, collecting the trophies of men. Throughout Predator it is established that the Yautja species have a code of honor – the best example of this occurring towards the end of Predator 1987, as Billy throws his weapons away, knowing the hunter won’t shoot him, his scream confirms his suspicions, indicating that Predator killed him in hand to hand combat. Later in Predator the titular character has Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) beaten, yet he allows him to live and recover before fighting him on even footing. This became a trend for the villain, who kills its enemies fairly and ruthlessly, earning the original Predator’s demon tease.


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Along with its other series changes, Prey appears to be altering the Predator itself, hinting at a more violent, less honorable version of the character who breaks its rule of a fair fight. In the Prey teaser, Naru is fleeing the Predator through dense woodland before running out into an open field. Naru runs into a mysterious figure, who is armed with a bow and arrow, they look towards the woods for Naru’s pursuer, before being targeted by Predator’s famous Plasmacaster. While this seems typical of the Predator, it isn’t, as Yautja typically hunts its victims fairly. In the first Predator, the Plasmacaster is used to shoot Blaine (Jesse Ventura) the same way it looks to be shooting the young Comanche warrior. The only difference is that Blaine had a mini-gun. Blaine’s weapon – which creates a Predator (1987) plot hole – is a weapon capable of killing the Predator, whereas the Comanche’s bow and arrow aren’t, as the Yautja have survived worse previously. The Predator has a vast amount of projectile-based weapons better suited for facing two Comanche warriors, such as the spear, disc-blade, or its infamous wrist-blades.


The Predator may be using the Plasmacaster shoulder cannon to cement the new feeling of the Prey film, which is more horror centered, as the teaser indicated with its minimalistic sound and haunting set-up. Prey‘s director, Dan Trachtenberg, previously worked on 10 Cloverfield Lane, which was unsettling in its presentation and themes. Trachtenberg could be looking to replicate this feeling in Prey. While previous Predator films have had horror elements, these themes have been held back by the Predators code of conduct, which prevents it from killing the average unarmed civilians in previous films, with the exception of The Predator, which wasn’t a box office success and saw the character kill several scientists. Introducing an overly violent, dishonorable Predator, as hinted at in the trailer, could add an unstoppable element to the villain who has previously spared unarmed or pregnant victims, as well as children.

While the Predator changes could add to the feel of Prey, it’s important for the franchise to also remain consistent and explain the changes with the appropriate lore. Historically, the Comanche favored bows above all other weapons. It is possible that the Predator could be looking to remove a huge threat from the board early, like Blaine. Prey could perfectly reboot the franchise as it already replicates some of the elements that made Predator 1987 such a classic, while also hinting at making some drastic changes – as per the teaser trailer. Whether or not this Predator will fight fair is unknown. Either way, Prey is shaping up to change the Predator formula for the better.

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  • Prey/Predator 5 (2022)Release date: May 22, 2022

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