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Dolmen: How to Defeat Dementula (Boss Guide)

The first boss in Dolmen is Dementula, a giant spider-like creature with acid attacks that can be defeated easily with the right character build.

Dementula is the first boss that players will encounter in Dolmen, and the fight can be difficult without the right gear. To reach Dementula, players can go to the circular room past the second beacon. Then players can go into the room on the top floor on the other side of the elevator. Following the path will lead to another beacon and a dark hallway made of organic material. Dementula’s arena is at the other end of the path.

There’s a terminal outside of Dementula’s arena that players can interact with to respawn a boss or use the multiplayer function. Respawning a boss or creating a multiplayer session with friends or random players requires three Dolmen fragments, and this resource is dropped randomly from regular enemies. If players are having trouble defeating Dementula, they can create a multiplayer session so other characters can help beat the boss.


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As the first boss in Dolmen, Dementula isn’t too difficult to defeat, but without the right weapons, players may have a hard time dealing enough damage. Acid attacks do the most damage to Dementula, but the specific weapon type will depend on the character class. For example, Tankers should use the acid pistol and great sword, but Bounty Hunters can use claws or a scrap sword with a shield for quicker attacks.

Strategies For Defeating Dementula In Dolmen

Dolmen Best Tanker Build Gear & Attributes Tanker Boss Fight

The best possible build in Dolmen for the Dementula boss fight should deal acid damage and have a high acid resistance and defense. As soon as players enter the arena, Dementula will crawl down and start shooting acid balls that can be easily dodged. If players are locked-on with a ranged weapon, they can continuously shoot Dementula during this attack phase and move back and forth to avoid being hit. Alternatively, players can work their way toward Dementula to get close and deal melee damage.

After Dementula is done shooting, a red symbol will appear above its head to indicate an unblockable attack. Dementula will stop for a moment, and then leap across the arena dealing a significant amount of damage if players don’t roll out of the way. Increasing the endurance attribute in Dolmen will make it easier to dodge and still have stamina left for melee attacks. Once Dementula lands, it will be stunned for a few moments, so players should run in and use melee strikes to drain its health. The acid ball and pounce attacks are the most common ones during this fight, but Dementula will also strike with its front claws if players are close enough.

Occasionally, Dementula will stop moving and shriek loudly causing some of the eggs around the edge of the arena to hatch. The smaller creatures can quickly become frustrating if players try to focus on the boss, so taking them out first is highly recommended. Dementula usually goes back to shooting acid balls after summoning its minions, so it should be fairly easy to ignore the boss and kill the smaller creatures first. For the rest of the fight, Dementula will just cycle through its few attacks until it’s defeated. The first time Dementula is defeated in Dolmen, players will receive a variety of valuable resources.

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Dolmen is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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