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Dolmen: How to Defeat Queen Caniptei (Boss Guide)

The third boss fight is against Queen Caniptei, and it’s one of the most difficult fights in Dolmen, so players will need to have the best gear.

Queen Caniptei is the last boss fight in the first act of Dolmen, and it’s one of the more difficult fights in the game. The boss fight requires players to use quick and precise movements to dodge a variety of attacks in several different phases. A good ranged and melee weapon should be used to maximize the damage dealt and win the fight quickly.

Outside of the arena, there’s a terminal that players can interact with to respawn a boss or choose one of the multiplayer options. Players can create a session with or without a password, or they can join a boss fight being hosted by someone else. In order to create a multiplayer lobby to get help defeating a boss in Dolmen, players will need to use three Dolmen fragments. This valuable resource drops randomly when regular enemies are defeated.


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As soon as players enter the arena, there will be a few large tentacles coming out of the ground, and smaller ones will shoot up as players run around. The large tentacles need to be destroyed to deal damage to the boss. Players can also shoot Queen Caniptei continuously until the tentacles in front of it retract and melee attacks can be used. Having high constitution and endurance stats for the Queen Caniptei boss fight will make it much easier to survive. Completing the Electrostatic River area in Dolmen before entering the Queen’s Domain should have provided players with enough experience to increase a few attributes.

Strategies For Defeating Queen Caniptei In Dolmen

Dolmen How to Defeat Queen Caniptei Boss Guide Boss Bite

Defeating this boss in Dolmen requires a lot of dodging and learning what attacks it uses. After all the large tentacles are damaged, Queen Caniptei will use one of two attacks. If small symbols appear all over the arena, players will need to quickly find the one open spot before tentacles rise up and spin around dealing a ton of damage. If the ground beneath the player’s feet starts to burn, then they should move back and forth in tight lines across the arena as the tentacles chase them. For the second type of attack, players should save their stamina until the tentacles start rising faster.

The first phase will end when about a third of Queen Caniptei’s life is drained. In the second phase, most of the arena is on fire except for the area immediately in front of the boss. Queen Caniptei will use its limbs to swipe back and forth, perform a forward strike, or slam down, and if players are using a character build in Dolmen with low constitution, then some of the attacks will kill them instantly. When Queen Caniptei’s tentacles raise up and stay in the air, it will smack them down one at a time depending on where the player is standing. If all of the tentacles are raised above Queen Caniptei’s head, then it will slam them all down at once and it will be an instant kill if players are hit. Dodging can be tricky in this phase because rolling too far will leave players standing in the fire. Quick movements and well-timed strikes are needed to finish the second phase of the fight.

In the final phase, the fire closes in, and players are forced to stand very close to Queen Caniptei. There are only two powerful attacks to worry about in the final phase. Queen Caniptei will either use its front legs to strike or lunge forward and bite. After dodging the bite attack, Queen Caniptei will stop moving for a few moments, so players can get in a few melee strikes each time until the health bar is depleted. Defeating Queen Caniptei will complete the first act in Dolmen.

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Dolmen is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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