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How to charge your Android phone faster: Tips and tricks

Although, the new-age Android smartphones are coming with fast charging technology that can fully charge a dead battery in just 17 minutes (remember Realme GT Neo 3?). But what about old ones? Charging a smartphone again and again, that too when your phone does not support fast charging, can be very frustrating. Here are a few tips on how you can charge your phone even faster. Also Read – Android hacks: How to block spam calls on your Android phone

How to charge your Android phone faster

  1. Turn on the Airplane mode

To minimise the draining of the smartphone battery, you need to switch to Airplane mode so that it does not use any app while it is charging. For the unversed, receiving emails, messages or calls drains the battery life. You can simply turn off the mode and attend to these notifications once the phone is charged. This will let the phone focus just on charging and hence will charge faster. Also Read – How to find who is tracking your mobile

2. Use the wall charger instead of a computer Also Read – Upcoming Android, iOS games you should pre-register immediately

The charging speed of a smartphone also depends on the device manufacturer and the USB generation. While it is safe to charge the phone with a laptop or gaming console, it usually results in slow charging due to the USB port. Wall sockets provide a reliable charging at a much higher speed, given that you are using a manufacturer-approved charger.

3. Keep it cool

If the phone is sitting in sun for a long time, it will get heat up and hence slow down the charging process. Before plugging in to the charger, make sure that you cool down your phone by removing the back cover. Do note that heating up of phones also lead to dangerous outcomes like bursting.

4. Avoid using the phone while it is charging

Using a phone while it is plugged into charging slows down the charging process. The apps and tasks you are performing drain a lot of battery while it is charging. Hence, it is better that you stop all the background apps or turn off the phone entirely for some time to make it charge quickly.

5. Use original data cable 

Usually, users choose to buy cheap mobile accessories like data cables or chargers, such gadgets sometimes hurts the battery life and even the phone. Hence, it is always recommended that you use only manufacture approved data cables and adapters so that you charge your phone quickly and have a good battery life.

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