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How To Check If A Windows 10 Laptop Webcam Is Working Properly

It’s quick and easy to check that a Windows 10 laptop webcam is working. There are also quite a few online and third-party apps that can help as well.

Webcams have become increasingly important with the rise in remote work, and more people have to rely on them as a Windows 10 (and Windows 11) communication tool for both work and home. Fortunately, it’s simple to test if a webcam on a laptop is functioning properly. There are also a few alternatives to test the functionality of the webcam, including various third-party apps.

Windows 10 was first released by Microsoft in 2015 and can run on various laptop brands, including models from Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, and HP (just to name a few). It offers various tools and features, such as the snipping and dictation tools. Other features include focus assist, which allows the user to minimize possible distractions by sending notifications to the Action Center to be read later. Webcams are often built-in with laptops and tablets, although they are also sold as separate devices that can be connected to a computer. Whether internal or external, they’re an important tool when it comes to working from home, and communication in general. Whether you’re having a work call on Zoom or chatting with friends on Google Meet, having a functioning webcam on your Windows laptop is a must.


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When it comes to making sure a Windows 10 laptop webcam is working, the process is fairly simple. To begin, click on the Start icon and click ‘Camera’ from the list of apps that pops up. If the Camera app isn’t immediately shown, typing ‘camera’ in the search bar will return the Camera app as the top result. When launching the app, a prompt may come up asking to allow access to your laptop’s webcam, at which point the user should agree. If the webcam is functional, it will immediately be activated. You should see a window pop up, showing whatever happens to be in front of the webcam at that time. The recording light will also come on beside the webcam itself to indicate the camera is in use.

How To Make A Webcam Work With Other Apps

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However, a functional webcam in the Camera app doesn’t always mean it’ll work in Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. That’s because you need to allow your webcam to be used by third-party sites and applications. To do this, click the Start button, click ‘Settings,’ click ‘Privacy,’ and then click ‘Camera.’ From this page, click the toggle next to ‘Let apps use my camera.’ Once this is enabled, you should be able to use your Windows 10 laptop webcam with any website or app that you’d like.

Other Ways To Make Your Webcam Work

zoom vs skype vs meet

Another option for laptop users is to run an online webcam test. There are plenty of websites, like WebcamMicTest, that allow users to check whether their webcam is working. These sites tend to simply include a ‘Check webcam’ button that guides you through enabling camera permissions. Clicking the ‘allow’ button should immediately activate the camera, allowing the user to see if everything is working as expected. Another option is Vidyard, which is an online video platform geared toward businesses. Once again, visiting the website and granting camera access permission will allow the user to check that their webcam is working properly.

Of course, there are also third-party apps that can be used to test a webcam. Apps like Skype and Google Hangouts typically allow users to test their webcam before actually starting a video call. The option to this can be found in the settings menu of an app and, similar to the other solutions, the user should be able to see whether their Windows 10 laptop or PC webcam is working as expected.

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