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How To Record & Send Video Messages On Telegram

Telegram lets users record and send quick video messages the same way as regular voice messages. This feature supports auto-play, PiP, and more.

Telegram is one of the most innovative messaging apps, and sending video messages using it is a pleasant experience. Users can send a video message the same way they send voice messages but with an extra element: their faces as reactions. This feature also comes in handy when there is no need for long Telegram video calls. Many users prefer sending quick video messages instead of regular voice messages — aka voice notes. Plus, Telegram provides a beautiful design and implementation for this feature.

Millions of users have started using Telegram in the past years, especially after WhatsApp’s new privacy policy confused users. Telegram provides its users with tons of valuable features, including the ability to edit messages anytime after sending. This includes deleting messages for both sides, allowing both to use and access messages on unlimited and more. However, users worldwide still prefer WhatsApp since it has the most significant number of active users.


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Telegram’s video messages are innovative and easy to use. However, it’s one of the features that many users aren’t aware of. While Telegram features are accessible and easy to use in general, it has positioned the video message icon in the same place as the voice message icon, which confuses users. Users need to tap the voice message icon once to toggle to the video messages and vice versa.

Record & Send Video Messages On Telegram

Users can find the voice/video message icon on the top right corner of the chat page on Telegram, and they can toggle between the two options by tapping once. The voice message icon comes in an Instagram-like design, and users just need to tap and hold it to start recording their video message. In addition, users can swipe up to theLock Icon after tapping and holding to lock the recording, so they don’t need to keep pressing. After finishing the recording, users can cancel the entire recording, send it right away, or edit it before sending it. Users can also change between the front and back cameras while recording.

Users can use Telegram’s video messages feature in both one-to-one chats and group chats, and it’s also usable in theSaved Messages chat. In addition to this, Telegram channel moderators can send video messages too. However, Telegram has limited users to record only for one minute, and that’s understandable since this feature is meant to be used for sending quick notes. Users are always able to record and send regular videos. The video messages are designed to be automatically played right after being sent. Also, they support PiP, which means that the video will continue playing even if the user has closed the chat.

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