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Stassi Cut Wedding Guest List After Being Fired

Stassi Schroeder is explaining why she disinvited so many Vanderpump Rules stars from her wedding and credits it to getting fired by Bravo.

Stassi Schroeder is explaining how her firing from Vanderpump Rules led to her disinviting so many of her former co-stars from her wedding in Italy. Stassi recently celebrated her second wedding to her husband Beau Clark. She finally had her dream wedding in Italy after getting married in a private ceremony in her backyard after her firing two years ago. But outside of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, the SUR crew was noticeably absent from the big event.

Amid the release of her new book, Stassi has seemingly been attempting a rebrand and comeback after being canceled in 2020. Stassi faced backlash after Faith Stowers revealed her past racially insensitive actions towards her. Elsewhere, fans dug up old podcast episodes and social media posts showing Stassi’s unbothered approach to issues surrounding race and racism. Following George Floyd’s death that heightened racial tension, Bravo moved swiftly in firing Stassi along with Kristen Doute for her part in calling the cops on Faith and accusing her of a crime she didn’t commit only because they thought the show’s only Black cast member resembled another Black woman who happened to be a criminal.


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Since her firing, Stassi has maintained friendships with her former co-stars, especially the ones who welcomed babies as she did. But unfortunately, her former co-stars weren’t able to celebrate her second wedding in Italy due to budget constraints caused by her firing. “It was supposed to be on ‘Vanderpump Rules,’” Stassi revealed on the Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast. She explained how she sought out the venue years ago while still cast on the show. But once she got fired in 2020, Bravo no longer agreed to cover the bill for the lavish wedding. “Bravo didn’t pay for this s–t,” Stassi quipped. As a result, Stassi and Beau “had to] cut 70 percent of the guest list because it’s too expensive,” she said.

Vanderpump Rules Stassi Schroeder

What Stassi had envisioned would be a luxe wedding with a massive guest list turned into “a 35-person wedding in Rome in a location that’s meant for a s–t ton of people,” she said. Stassi credited her friends and family who got the boot and said they were all “pretty understanding.” Stassi explained how she had to send out a “cutthroat” email to her former castmates letting them know that, “times are tough, we can’t have a 200-person wedding,” Stassi said the email stated. Katie and Tom, who happen to be going through a divorce, were the only two who attended the wedding. Scheana Shay and Tom Sandoval admitted that they were disinvited. Kristen sent Stassi warm wishes but was also disinvited.

Fans noticed that Jax Taylor unfollowed Stassi on Instagram after possibly being disinvited. His wife Brittany Cartwright still follows Stassi. Brittany is among the former castmates that whom Stassi still hangs out with. Stassi, Brittany, Scheana, and Lala Kent have enjoyed playdates with their little tots that were all born within a few months of each other. After all the changes that have come to Vanderpump Rules, it was bound to impact the friendships among the current and former cast. Scheana is next in line to walk down the aisle and she’ll have the chance to be the bigger person and invite Stassi and Beau or return the favor and snub her on and off friend.

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Source: Skinny Confidential Him & Her

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