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10 Forgotten Marvel Characters That Could Become Avengers

With the Avengers roster in the MCU constantly reshaping over the course of Phase Four, there has been rabid speculation over who might join the team over the course of the next few years. Heroes such as Shang-Chi, the Scarlet Scarab, and Moon Knight have made their debuts and are likely to join the team by the end of the phase.

Still, with more heroes being added with every film or show, what other surprising and forgotten hero might show their face in the MCU? And which of those heroes are most likely to join the Avengers?

Captain Britain

Captain Britain in Marvel Comics Art

The primary protector of all things British, Brian Braddock was the face of England and a man endowed with superhuman abilities by the mystical Amulet of Right. Though he may initially seem like a second-rate Captain America, Braddock brings with him an entire Captain Britain Corps, a group of heroes from across the multiverse dedicated to safeguarding it.


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If Captain Britain were to enter the MCU, he would be a great asset to the current overarching multiverse plot, as the Captain Britain Corps could easily take the place of the TVA. That way, the Avengers would be able to safely travel between universes, and they would also be able to protect against incursions.


The Exiles surround Blink in Marvel Comics.

Another multiverse traveler, Blink was part of the Exiles, a forgotten Marvel team that sought to prevent problems with timelines across the multiverse. As a starring figure in the book, Blink had the power to teleport and also had the perfect personality to help lead her team of misfits.

As a mutant, Blink would appear in the MCU as a way of slowly introducing mutants. If she arrives from another universe where mutants are more established, the concept can be lain out before they really start appearing. Her power-set could also make it easy for the team to travel without having to worry about getting a helicarrier. Besides, her distinctive design would certainly look excellent on screen.

Machine Man

The Monolith frees Machine Man

Much like the Vision or Ultron, Machine Man was an artificial intelligence program in a robot body. Though Machine Man was programmed as part of a military project, he was taken in by a scientist who attempted to raise him as a human being in an attempt to teach him empathy. After the scientist’s death, he began using strength, flight, and elongating limbs to aid his companions.

With Vision in the wind, the Avengers will need another artificial human to aid with any technical problems they come across. Given that Machine Man is an extraordinary asset with a heart of gold, he could make a great addition to the Avengers, even if most of the comic fan base has forgotten him.


Mimic Calvin Rankin X-Men

Like Blink, Mimic was a leading member of Exiles. Unlike Blink, his powers set him apart more than anything else. With abilities that let him replicate the powers of any hero within his vicinity, though he permanently absorbed the powers of the original X-Men.

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On the Avengers, Mimic could be an extraordinary teammate, who could use the enemy’s powers against them. Just as his partner Blink does, he could also be used to help usher the X-Men into the MCU and even to introduce the powers of the original five X-Men before they appear. It would be an excellent framing device.

Madison Jeffries

Madison Jeffries and Sabertooth from Marvel Comics

Another mutant, and one who would be a serious help to the Avengers now that Stark is no longer available, Madison is an inventor with the power to shape any non-living object. One of Alpha Flight’s best members, he could help to fill the intellectual gap that Tony left behind.

Given the trouble with the multiverse currently developing throughout the MCU, as Marvel’s least prominent genius, Madison could help the team figure out a way to stabilize reality before facing the threat of an incursion. Besides, it’s always fun to have another hero who runs around in a super powerful robot suit.

Pete Wisdom

Pete Wisdom

A spy for MI13, Pete Wisdom is a brilliant spy and even better at snark. After teaming up with Excalibur, he revealed that he has the power to shoot hot knives from his fingers, which makes him an extraordinary fighter and an asset in and out of the field.

With Nick Fury off-planet, Pete Wisdom could be an excellent liaison to the superhero community, considering he’s been on both sides of the equation. As one of Excalibur’s best characters, he could make a real difference in the MCU, especially if he helps rebuild the bridge between the Avengers and the world’s governments.


Nathaniel Grey Nate X-Man

The alternate universe genetic son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, Nate Grey was raised in the Age of Apocalypse. After an accelerated aging process, Nate was pitted against Apocalypse, but eventually escaped and found himself in the mainline 616 universe, where he struggled to come to terms with his existence.

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Among his many powers, X-Man has the ability to travel across the multiverse, which can make him a great asset alongside America Chavez. Though the MCU will likely have to change his alias, this exceptionally powerful hero can really make a difference in the event of an incursion or Secret Wars.


Longshot Mojo Contest Of Champions

A hero from another universe with skills powered by Luck, Longshot is one of the weirdest heroes in comics. Since coming from Mojoverse, a strange alternate reality in Marvel Comics, Longshot has most often acted entirely alien, learning human traditions with a smile on his face and a kick in his step.

After the tragedy of the recent Marvel projects, Longshot could bring some comedy and lighthearted relief to the franchise that can lighten the mood better than just a few quips. Besides, his experience with other universes could make him an asset to the Avengers and could give them some insight into Mojoverse, should the Avengers ever have to face off against Mojo.

Jamie Madrox

Jamie Madrox and his duplicates running to battle.

What’s better than one added member of the Avengers? Unlimited members, all possessing incredible intelligence and a vast array of skills that can fit any situation. The leader of X-Factor, Jamie Madrox, is also known as the Multiple Man for the simple fact that he can split himself into infinite copies.

Madrox can add a somewhat messy leader to the team who also has the knowledge needed to carry them far, whenever Bruce Banner is off-world. He can also pack a hell of a punch, thanks to his power set, and if he’s ever beaten down, he can just make more clones to help defend the team.


The X-Men vs Alpha Flight.

Though he doesn’t have powers, as the leader of Alpha Flight, Guardian has more than proven himself as a hero. After developing a suit that gave him numerous powerful abilities like flight and super strength, he set himself to developing a Canadian superhero program to create heroes that can save the country and the world.

Given his experience, he could really prove himself on the Avengers and can likely work to be the leader Captain America was. Though he isn’t often as ethical as Steve Rogers, his darker habits could make for interesting conflicts in future movies.

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