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Batgirl Wields Twin Crossbows in New Look for DC’s Vampire Apocalypse

Batgirl is ready to slay some vampires with a Buffy-esque twin crossbow in hand as she gears herself up for the upcoming DC vs. Vampires #8.

Spoiler warning for DC vs. Vampires #6

As the young matriarch of the Bat-family, Batgirl is heading into DC vs. Vampires #8 with some heavy artilleries to defend the DC Universe against local bloodsuckers. As of this writing, DC vs. Vampires has been hibernating through a brief hiatus ever since DC vs. Vampires #6 released in April. The second half of the 12-issue miniseries will see Batgirl serve as one of the DC Universe’s few surviving heroes who haven’t yet been turned into a vampire or killed following the latest issue’s explosive ending.

The latest issue in question, DC vs. Vampires #6, ends with the Bat-Family receiving a devastating hit to its core when Nightwing is revealed as the Lord of the Vampires. His first act upon his reveal is to rip out Batman’s heart and lay waste to the rest of his family. This leaves the head of the table dead, Jason Todd dead as well, Tim Drake’s head stomped into smithereens, and Cassandra Cain forced to retreat. Batgirl was not there to see her former partner become a monster and her family destroyed. At the time, she was preoccupied fighting off vampires alongside the Suicide Squad. It’s very likely that the former Oracle is heading into issue #8 not knowing anything about her family’s demise yet.


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Judging by this variant cover (courtesy of League of Comic Geeks) for DC vs. Vampires #8 by James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg, and Otto Schmidt, Batgirl can be expected to be making her triumphant return very soon with twin vamp-hunting crossbows in hand. The cover itself is designed by Nathan Szerdy. DC vs. Vampires #8 is set to hit comic stands worldwide starting August 2nd, 2022.

variant cover for DC vs Vampires #8

Batgirl returning for the latter half of DC vs. Vampires will be particularly interesting to see her inevitable interaction with Nightwing. Not just because of their history and because of what Nightwing has done to the Bat-Family, but because there is a chance that Nightwing may have some interest in bringing Barbara Gordon to his side as a vampire. The last time that the two were seen on-panel together was during DC vs. Vampires #3, where Nightwing actually saves her from getting killed or turned during an encounter with a vampire.

It may be safe to assume that Nightwing saved her to not give away his secret vampiric nature at the time, but it could also be because he may be fond enough of Barbara to have grander plans for her, maybe plans that see her ruling the world by his side. It’s clear that Nightwing isn’t against wanting to recruit heroes into his growing faction, as Nightwing tries to recruit Jason Todd into the fray moments before Jason refuses and dies. It would be a no-brainer to assume he has plans to recruit a former lover, even if those twin crossbows suggest she’s more concerned with vengeance on behalf of their family.

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Be sure to catch Batgirl’s return in DC vs. Vampires #8 once it lands in local comic book shops and digital stores on August 2.

Source: League of Comic Geeks

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