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V Rising: How to Unlock (& Use) The Devourer

After defeating a particular V Blood Boss in V Rising, Vampire adventurers will unlock the Devourer, a device used to salvage items into resources.

The Devourer is a General Structure in V Rising used to dismantle equipment, items, and components, turning them into raw materials. With an appearance highly reminiscent of the Mimic in the Dark Souls series, the Devourer will “eat” any object placed into its maw, chomping away until the inserted item has become rudimentary crafting materials. This utility device is an excellent way to get rid of unwanted items in V Rising and recover resources simultaneously.

To unlock the Devourer in V Rising, Vampire adventurers will need to defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer, a Level 26 V Blood enemy that roams the roads of Farbane Woods. Unlike typical world Bosses, she does not stay put in one place or possess a unique lair. Instead, she will constantly be on the move, similar to Jade the Vampire Hunter of Dunley Farmlands. Slaying her will unlock the Chaos Volley, a Basic Ability that launches two Chaos Bolts, dealing substantial magic damage and inflicting Chaos Burn. Additionally, consuming her V Blood rewards players with the Structure Blueprints for the Devourer, which can be constructed using Planks ×12 and Copper Ingots ×6.


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V Rising Vampires can craft Planks by refining 20 Lumber at a Sawmill in their Castle. Copper Ingots are smelted from 20 Copper Ore, acquired from Copper Veins commonly found across Farbane Woods. Once players have the required materials, they can assemble their Mimic-like Devourer.

Unlocking The Devourer In V Rising

Unlocking The Devourer In V Rising

To use the Devourer in V Rising, place it anywhere within the boundaries of the Castle Heart. First, make sure that enough Blood Essence is present within the Heart to power the Devourer. Then, place any disposable item inside to convert it into raw resources. Keep in mind that the object in question must have the tag “Salvageable” above its Description. If this label is not present, the item cannot be eaten by the Devourer. For instance, placing a Reinforced Bone Sword into the Structure’s mouth will yield 90 Stone and 3 Planks. However, putting something like a Whetstone in V Rising into the monster box’s maw will have no effect, as the object is not Salvageable.

When a Devourer is active, the giant mouth will open and close, making a munching noise. If the Structure is inactive or the salvaging has been complete, its mouth will remain open, with its tongue wiggling about. Vampires can insert up to eight items into the Devourer and speed up the conversion process by 25% by placing the Structure in a Confined Castle Room.

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V Rising is available on PC.

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