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Bling Empire: 14 Times Anna Shay Stole The Show

Bling Empire is one of the newer and most entertaining reality shows on Netflix. From the luxury to the drama to tension in relationships, fans can’t help but stick around and see what happens in this friend group’s interesting lives. Anna Shay is one of the popular faces on the show, and she has deemed herself one of the fan-favorite cast members.

When drama arises, fans are always on the lookout to see how Anna is doing, even when the situations aren’t related or directed towards her. Anna Shay has taken the title of the most likable from the show, and there are plenty of moments where she shines past every other person, even when it’s not her time to.


Updated on May 25th, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: Anna Shay is a mega-star in the Netflix reality series Bling Empire. Anna Shay’s age means nothing to her as she lives her life to the fullest as one of the oldest members of the friend group. She’s the voice of reason and stability that the young cast sometimes needs. However, that’s not to say that Anna doesn’t push people’s buttons. With thick skin and a strong personality, it’s Anna’s world and everyone else is just living in it. 

Personally Shopping With Alexander McQueen

Anna Shay in sunglasses on season 2 of Bling Empire

At Kane and Kelly’s truffle and diamond party, Anna was confused when the invitation didn’t say a dress code. Realizing that she could wear whatever she wanted without backlash from the hosts, she grabbed fellow cast member Jaime Xie, called Alexander McQueen, and “went shopping.”

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With high-end designer Alexander McQueen on her contact list, Anna is more connected than viewers realize. Sadly for her, her great fashion moment was tainted by Kane’s bad friend moment with Kevin after getting into a fight at his party.

Her One-On-One With Christine Was Dramatic

Christine and Anna having a serious talk outside on Bling Empire

Anna and castmate Christine Chiu didn’t have the best relationship in season 1. They bickered about status and it drove a wedge between them. At the start of season 2, the two were on a better page but that quickly changed when the two got together for a one-on-one chat.

In one scene, Christine went to Anna’s to see her new home. The day went poorly when Anna didn’t think Christine was being authentic enough and told her to be “real.” They then had an even bigger ordeal at the end of the season after Christine heard that Anna was spreading a rumor about “ending” Christine. Her one-liners and insults in these scenes were diabolical.

Anna’s Personal Friends With Damon Baker

A photograph of Anna Shay from Bling Empire

Damon Baker is a notable and reputable photographer who has shot everyone from Post Malone to Cole Sprouse to Robert Pattinson. He’s edgy, talented, and works with high-end designers and celebrities.

Not only did Baker join Anna Shay at one of the group’s dinners but he also asked to photograph her. Anna is not a model and was nervous to be in front of the camera but considering what a big deal Baker is, she took the plunge. This was yet another moment Anna stole the show.

She Showed Up To A Party With Paula Abdul

Anna and Christine laughing at a party on Bling Empire

The Bling Empire cast knows that Anna Shay is a woman of power, good taste, and has high-profile friends.

In season 2, she threw a party to celebrate her old house because she moved out of it and into her new Bel Air mansion. Funny enough, Anna showed up late to her own party with a very well-known icon on her arm, singer and performer Paula Abdul. Her friends and guests of the party were shocked to see Paula and rushed to greet her.

Anna Moves Christine’s Nametag

Anna Shay in Bling Empire

At a dinner party in season 1, Anna has a peek at the nametags on the table to see who is sitting next to one another. After some tension between her and Christine, Anna makes it clear that she will not lose the fight. She moves Christine’s nametag far away from Anna and her friends, and it doesn’t take long for Christine to notice that she’s left out of the group.

Anna seems unbothered and says that if Christine wants to play games to bring it on. Even though these petty games happen, Anna is a likable and relatable Bling Empire character.

Anna Understands Who Kim Is

Kim Lee in Bling Empire

Anna seems to get along with Kim fairly well in season 1, but after Anna invites her and the group over to her home, things turn for the worse. Kim and Guy begin to snoop around her home, and they get caught after Kim throws one of the items outside in front of everyone.

Anna approaches them calmly, but there is no doubt she is upset and embarrassed by Kim’s actions. Kim does not apologize, and Anna concludes that she has misjudged Kim’s character. Fans loved Anna’s mature response to the situation and the fact that she admits to making a mistake in Kim’s character. Her reaction to Kim made her one of the best characters on Bling Empire

Questioning The 100 Day Party

Cristine talks to Cherie at the 100 Day Party

It is a tradition to celebrate a baby’s 100 days of life, and Cherie decides to go all out for the party. She plans a very formal party, and the group all shows up to celebrate. It’s clear that the party is less about the baby and more about Cherie getting her friends together and chatting, but Anna is not afraid to think the same way.

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She has a fun time jumping into a ball pit, and it startles the guests. Anna thinks that the party is a bit too serious for a one-year-old and that it is contrived. Anna can see outside all of the riches and think logically about the real purpose of the party. Despite all the quotes that show how rich the cast is, Anna keeps it real.

Anna Gives Christine The Wrong Time

Anna and Cristine arguing during a dinner party

Anna doesn’t go down without a fight, and the argument with Christine still stands. Anna tells Christine what time her party is in season 1, but when Christine comes, the party is basically over. She finds out that Anna gave her the wrong time, and when she confronts her about it, Anna does not seem to care.

Anna admits that she made her invitation later so she doesn’t have to deal with her. It was both a hilarious and sad moment in the series since fans felt bad for Christine but were impressed by Anna.

Smashing The Walls Of Her Mansion

Viewers did not expect such a scene in the show, but Anna holding a sledgehammer and smashing down a wall from her Beverly Hills mansion in season 1 is what made fans fall in love with her. Jumping from this scene to an interview with her decked out in luxurious clothes and jewelry, she admits that it is important to have fun.

Despite Anna’s net worth or how she made her money, Anna stands out from the rest of the members of the show with her down-to-earth personality and her willingness to have fun without being embarrassed.

“She Cannot Compete With What I Was Born Into.”

Christine is always trying to make it to the top with Anna in season 1. She compares her luxuries to Anna’s, hoping to be seen as having the same status as her. Anna admits that she does not understand the obsession Christine has with her, nor does she care.

It’s only when Anna feels attacked that she will strike back, and Anna later says this quote about how Christine will never be able to compete with what she has been born into. While Anna doesn’t show it off, she is one of the richest on the show, and she is aware of her competition without making it a big deal.

She Gave Helpful Advice

Bling Empire Anna Shay Kevin Kreider cropped

After receiving a nice pair of shoes from Anna’s fitting, Kevin first reacts happily about the shoes, but later begins to feel guilty about accepting the gift so Anna gives him great advice. As many great friendship scenes as Kevin and Kane have, this was a special one between Kevin and Anna. She tells him to never be impressed by things, but rather be impressed by people and who they are.

In a materialistic world of fortune and riches, fans were shocked to hear Anna share this piece of advice. However, Anna would be the one to say it out of the others. She is a humble person who is devoted to her friendships and the people she loves.

The Fashion Queen

anna shay Bling Empire cropped

As kind as Anna can be, she is not afraid to speak her mind. When she sees Kevin in an outfit, she admits that he has his own fashion sense. Then she says that it’s not a good thing. Her humor is what completes the show, but her confidence also radiates from herself. As a model, Kevin’s fashion sense works for him, and it doesn’t hurt that his thousands of Instagram followers like what they see.

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Her witty comments and straight-on quotes are what make fans never forget about her. That’s not to mention her fashion taste is superior. Still, Anna remains kind to Kevin and helps him out in other aspects during the show’s two seasons.

Lightening Up The Mood

andrew gray kelly mi li bling empire couch cropped (1)

There is plenty of drama in the show, but there can also be some serious situations. While Kelly and Andrew are in a relationship and get in many fights, Anna can see how he is gaslighting her and sees the overall toxicity between them.

Anna remains by Kelly’s side in season 1 and helps her get through the tough moments, and fans admire how caring she is to the ones she loves. While Anna is helpful, she still throws in her witty comments and lighthearted humor, which helps the tension and drama.

The Real Deal

Anna Shay Bling Empire piano

Anna has lived her life in the shadows. Joining the show at age 60, not many people have heard of her before her appearance on the show. She is quiet on social media and overall lives a secret life. So when she drops details about herself, she no doubt gets the viewers’ attention.

Even when fans learn more about her, from owning multiple homes to always wearing rings even if it’s with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to her wisdom, there is still a mysterious side to Anna that intrigues fans. Anna truly steals the show with her mere presence. She lives such an intriguing life that a spinoff reality show revolving around her Bling Empire life would be sensational.

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