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Sony working on bringing God of War, Horizon series to Amazon Prime, Netflix: Report

Sony is working on bringing some of its most popular gaming titles to OTT platforms. The Japanese conglomerate is expected to bring titles like God of War, Horizon, and even the hyper-realistic racing game, Gran Turismo to OTT platforms. The details were reportedly revealed at an investor briefing, where the company revealed its plans to capitalize on the popularity of some of the gaming titles in the form of stream-worthy content. Also Read – Sony to ramp up PS5’s production, targets a 50% market share for the PS5 alone

According to a report by IGN, Sony is planning to launch the God of War series on Amazon Prime, the Horizon series on Netflix, and the Gran Turismo for TV. The new list of games will be joining other popular prospects that are already rumoured to be in the works. Other content includes a series based on Last of Us and even on Japanese folk culture Ghost of Tsushima. Also Read – Sony wants nearly half of its portfolio to include only mobile and PC games by 2025

There hasn’t been any disclosure about the launch timeline for all these series. However, the information has been substantiated via a tweet from David Gibson. In a tweet he said, “Sony IR – 3 positives in the presentation 1) Horizon (Netflix), God of War (Amazon) and Gran Turismo in TV development 2) 2 live service games coming in FY3/23 are not Destiny and 3) PC gaming revenues will surge 3.8x in FY3/23 (which I think relates to live service games).” Also Read – Sony PlayStation Plus to arrive in India on May 24: Here’s the list of games you can play

A God of War series is sure to attract millions of die-hard fans of the action-packed RPG. There’s no clarity regarding the story ark that Sony might opt for the series. The game began with Greek mythology and is currently running within the Norse mythology. God of War: Ragnarok is the next installment where Kratos and his son Atreus are making their way to the top rung of Norse mythology gods.

Horizon series has also been an incredibly successful IP for Sony. The game is set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future with dinosaur-shaped robots ruling the world. The game is one of the most picturesque depiction of a world that is in ruins.

Gran Turismo is one title that will either be a massive challenge due to a lack of emotional, people-centric content or it could be a blank slate that can be used to the creator’s benefit.

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