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The Main Characters Ranked By Likability

The show Bling Empire is one of the best and most interesting new reality television series, and it’s helping solidify Netflix as a go-to source for this kind of original programming. Fans of Bravo or of Selling Sunset will likely enjoy the series. It follows a group of wealthy Asian-American friends in Los Angeles.

While there are many things about the show that seem fake or produced, one thing that sets the series apart is that many of the cast members are actual friends. The cast members are all unique and interesting in their own ways, but some are more likable than others.

Updated on May 27th, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: Now that season 2 of Bling Empire is out, fans are binging and rewatching the Netflix series to become reacquainted with their favorite group of friends. With new faces and dramatic storylines, Bling Empire has already been green-lit for season 3. From Anna Shay to Jaime Xie, the reality series has likable and relatable characters, along with not-so-beloved characters that rubbed fans the wrong way. 


11 Andrew Gray

Season 1’s Andrew Gray was one of the least-liked cast members — not just by his fellow cast members but by viewers too. Andrew was a former Power Rangers actor, but the reason he’s considered the worst is because of his toxic relationship with Kelly Mi Li.

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Their dynamic was borderline abusive and fans were worried for Kelly. In season 2, Andrew made a quick and short appearance in the season finale when he showed up at Anna’s house with flowers. However, Kelly assured everyone that she was single.

10 Guy Tang

guy tang bling empire

While fans don’t see a ton of Guy in seasons 1 and 2—he’s more of a support cast member—he didn’t make a great name for himself from the start.

While he’s successful and fun, he disrespected Anna Shay’s home in season 1 by invading her privacy. In season 2, Guy was more of a background character but was still close with the group. The reason why he’s not lower on his list is that viewers don’t know too much about him.

9 Christine Chiu

christine chiu bling empire cropped

Christine Chiu was seen as season 1’s villain when she went head-to-head with Anna Shay. Nevertheless, she’s still one of the best characters on Bling Empire because of her lavish lifestyle and sense of style.

The reason why she’s not lower on this list is that her insecurities and obsession with being the richest, most popular person in the room could be viewed as irksome. The series did a good job of showing where some of her insecurities come from and making her not just a one-note villain. In season 2, she was more compelling and likable than in season 1.

8 Dorothy Wang

Dorothy Wang on Bling Empire Season 2

Fans of Dorothy Wang on Bling Empire would love shows similar to it, like Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Wang was on the show for four seasons and is now spreading her wings on Netflix.

The show didn’t pry into Dorothy’s life too much but she did show off her friendship with Jaime Xie and the past drama she had with Kane Lim. Her love for fashion, her appreciation of her friends, and her dedication to her family were what made her more likable than other characters.

7 Kim Lee

kim lee bling empire

Kim Lee had a rough start to season 1 but redeemed herself by the end when she was on a mission to locate her biological father. Finding out her father passed away before she could have closure with him was one of the saddest moments on Bling Empire.

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In season 2, Kim is more likable when she was vulnerable with Kevin. She opened up, shared more of her past, and gave viewers more insight into her life. Sadly, it didn’t look like she and Kevin worked out at the end of season 2

6 Jaime Xie

Jaime Xie had more of a storyline in season 2 compared to season 1. In season 2, Jaime opened up more about her dating life and experiences outside of the friend group.

Although she’s a billionaire’s daughter, Jaime is down-to-earth and has a hilarious, dry sense of humor that made her stand out in the second season. On Instagram, she has some of the most Instagram followers, since viewers love her sense of style.

5 Kane Lim

Kane Lim Bling Empire

Kane is one of the standout stars of the series. While it would be easy to assume he would be materialistic, he’s a great friend and incredibly spiritual. Kane does have a love for high-end things and people in high places but he’s deeper than that.

The problem fans (and his friends) had with Kane was how much he stirred the pot. In season 2 especially, Kane went after his best friend Kevin, got in between Anna and Christine, and spread the rumor about Cherie and Jessey. If he stayed out of most of these storylines, he could have been more likable.

4 Kelly Mi Li

Kelly is overall a sweet and successful person who is likable, but she was held back by her toxic relationship with Andrew in season 1.

In season 2, Kelly worked on a relationship with herself instead of a romantic one, which was commendable. She didn’t get too involved with the group’s drama and instead dug deep and did the work to find out what made her happy. Because of these reasons, Kelly is one of the more likable castmates.

3 Cherie Chan

cherie chan Bling Empire cropped

Cherie is likable because she’s a woman who’s dedicated to her family and didn’t bother entertaining the group’s drama. In season 1, Cherie was focused on raising her two kids, focusing on her partnership with Jessey, and grieving over the loss of her mom.

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Cherie and her (now) husband have one of the higher net worths on Bling Empire, which made their lives fascinating to watch. However, in season 2, their relationship was the topic of conversation when it was rumored it started as an affair.

2 Kevin Kreider

Kevin Kreider Bling Empire interview

Kevin is the lovable, goofy hero of the series. While he’s not nearly as naive to the glamorous lifestyle as the show likes to make it seem, it is fun to watch the other cast members treat him like a new pet.

Kevin is charismatic and a good friend which makes it easy to root for him. His friendship with Kane Lim had some of the best moments in Bling Empire. And, while his pursuit of both Kelly and Kim went downhill, he’s still a respected and like man.

1 Anna Shay

Perhaps the most fascinating cast member is Anna Shay. Anna stole the show as the eldest in the group. She’s also one of the richest members. But, she was surprisingly down-to-earth and eccentric in a fun way.

Anna tried to protect people, such as Kelly from Andrew, and she’s unimpressed by drama and money. While she is a bit mysterious, there is something genuine about her that many fans like.

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