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Bethesda’s Indiana Jones Is Reportedly An Xbox Exclusive Despite Rumors

MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game is assumed to be an Xbox console exclusive, despite recent rumors suggesting it will arrive on multiple platforms.

MachineGames’ upcoming Indiana Jones game will reportedly be an Xbox console exclusive, despite recent rumors to the contrary. The Swedish studio, known for developing Wolfenstein: The New Order and its sequels, is owned by Bethesda Softworks’ holding company Zenimax Media. A teaser for MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game was released back in January 2021, but little new information has been revealed since then.

By creating the modern Wolfenstein series, MachineGames has proved itself to be a perfect fit for an Indiana Jones game. Early installments in the first-person shooter series saw protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz fight to foil secret and often otherworldly Nazi plans, but 2014’s The New Order instead depicts a dystopian version of 1960 following an Axis victory in World War II. The Wolfenstein series’ mid-1900s setting, combined with its adventurous and often lighthearted tone, indicates that MachineGames is well-suited to create an interactive Indiana Jones adventure. Apparently Bethesda pitched an Indiana Jones game 10 years ago, but at the time the developer did not have the necessary bandwidth to make the concept a reality.


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While rumors recently suggested that MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game will not be Xbox exclusive, a new report from DualShockers argues otherwise. Microsoft purchased Zenimax Media back in March 2021, leading many to assume that MachineGames’ new title would only release on Xbox consoles. Some industry insiders recently suggested otherwise, however, sparking hope that PlayStation and Nintendo fans could enjoy the areological adventure too. Now other insiders, like Twitter user Shpeshal_Nick, disagree and claim that Indiana Jones will be Xbox exclusive after all. Only time will tell which side is correct, but it seems logical that any Zenimax Media title will be exclusive to Xbox consoles except in extreme circumstances.

Last year Bethesda reported that the Indiana Jones game is not coming soon, with the interactive Indie adventure only entering development around June 2021. While the concept of a MachineGames title starring Harrison Ford’s iconic explorer is very exciting, almost nothing is currently known about the game. The Wolfenstein titles are first-person shooters, but it seems more fitting for an Indiana Jones game to be a third-person adventure game. The plot of the game is also a complete mystery, though it seems likely that the game will take place around the first three films rather than the fourth or upcoming fifth installments.

Following Microsoft’s acquisition of the company, it seems logical that all future Zenimax Media games will be Xbox console exclusives. This would obviously include MachineGames’ Indiana Jones title, though some insiders seem convinced that the game will come to other platforms too. Little is currently known about the game, so its console exclusively will remain a mystery until MachineGames unearths its treasured Indiana Jones project.

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Sources: DualShockersShpeshal_Nick/Twitter

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