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Destiny 2: How To Get The Duality Dungeon Armor Set

The Duality Dungeon is a new activity in Destiny 2 where players can earn the Deep Explorer armor set for each Guardian class in the game.

The Duality Dungeon is the latest activity to become available in Destiny 2, and it’s full of rewards such as the Deep Explorer armor set. The story of the Season of the Haunted focuses on the Nightmares that torment various Guardians, as well as the return of the Derelict Leviathan and Calus’s interest in the Pyramid on the Moon. The Duality Dungeon expands upon the story as the Guardian and their fireteam as they enter the tethered mind of Calus and his Nightmare realm.

Much like the “Thorn” armor sets in Destiny 2, there is a set of Deep Explorer armor available for each class of Guardian. Through each encounter in the Duality Dungeon, players will be able to unlock a new piece of armor at random that will allow them to complete the set. However, unlike previously released dungeons, players can successfully complete each encounter multiple times per character to receive new rewards before the weekly reset. Likewise, the two secret chests in the dungeon have a chance to reward any piece of previously acquired gear with a random, potentially high, stat roll.


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There are three encounters that players can receive rewards from in the Duality Dungeon. In addition to the armor pieces, players can also receive the new dungeon weapons from each encounter such as a reworked Opulent Fusion Rifle god roll in Destiny 2 known as The Epicurean. Between the five different armor pieces for each class, the six different weapons, and the Exotic Heart Shadow sword, players will have to patiently repeat each encounter in hopes of getting the complete set of armor for all of their Guardian classes.

Destiny 2: Deep Explorer Armor Drops & Encounters

Destiny 2: Deep Explorer Armor Drops & Encounters

The three encounters that players can earn the Deep Explorer armor sets from are the Sorrow Bearer, The Vault, and Calus’s Greatest Shame. The easiest way to make sure players earn all three sets as quickly as possible is by completing each encounter with a fireteam, and quitting the dungeon before the encounters start while the fireteam members remain. Next, players should switch to another character, rejoin their fireteam, and repeat in order to gain the checkpoints on all three characters. By earning the checkpoints, players can get the various character armor in Destiny 2 and save time from skipping the puzzles along the way. The list below shows what armor can be earned from which encounter:

  • Sorrow Bearer: Helmet, Arms, and Legs.
  • The Vault: Arms, Chest, and Class Item.
  • Calus’s Greatest Shame: All armor pieces can be earned from this encounter.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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