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Genshin Impact Shop Weapons Aren’t Worth The Starglitter

Genshin Impact has two different weapon families in the Shop available to purchase with Starglitter, but they might not be worth the expense.

Genshin Impact has various ways to obtain weapons of different rarities. They can be obtained from chests, Wishing on Banners, or one-time events that give out an exclusive weapon. In Genshin Impact‘s Shop, there are two weapon types that are sold for Starglitter, and they might not really be worth the price tag.

There are two different weapon families for sale in Genshin Impact that alternate with each other in the Shop each month. These are the Blackcliff weapons and the Royal weapons, each family having their own unique stats and passives shared across each weapon type. These weapons are on sale for 24 Starglitter each in Genshin Impact.


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While these weapons can seem tempting since they are exclusive to the Shop, players should be wary when deciding to purchase them. A couple of issues with each weapon family make them less desirable. In particular, one weapon family should even be avoided and not purchased at all.

Genshin Impact: Why The Shop Weapons Aren’t Really Worth The Starglitter

genshin impact masterless starglitter

The Blackcliff weapons are very solid sounding on paper. They all have a CRIT DMG main stat and the same unique passive that raises the equipping character’s attack by a certain percentage every time they defeat an enemy (up to a maximum). Truthfully, these weapons can be purchased if the player doesn’t have any better options on their account since the CRIT DMG main stat is so valuable, but the Blackcliff weapons’ passive hold them back a bit. Since the weapons’ attack boost requires defeating an enemy, the passive practically becomes nonexistent if the player is fighting a boss enemy in Genshin Impact, and the weapon becomes a stat stick for CRIT DMG. And the attack boost isn’t overly mindblowing, meaning that the player would have to purchase multiples of the same weapon to get the weapon to a higher Refinement, which is a much larger investment of Starglitter (120 in total for an R5 weapon).

The Blackcliff Agate, which is the catalyst of the family, is the least desirable of the Blackcliff family since there are a lot of more readily available options for catalyst users, and the existence of The Widsith, which is a much better catalyst that also has a CRIT DMG main stat with an amazing passive, completely blows the Blackcliff Agate out of the water. However, The Blackcliff Pole, the polearm of the family, can actually be a solid option for Xiao if the player doesn’t own the Primordial Jade-Winged Spear in Genshin Impact since Xiao struggles with good polearm options. So while the Blackcliff weapons have some saving graces and can be an alright option for newer or free-to-play players, they aren’t the best options out there.

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The Royal weapons, however, are a completely different story. This family of weapons has attack as its main stat, and its passive reads as follows: Upon dealing damage to an opponent, increases CRIT Rate by 8–16%. Max 5 stacks. A CRIT hit removes all existing stacks.” These weapons make dealing damage extremely inconsistent. There is no reason for a player to put CRIT Rate on their artifacts since the weapon gives them a lot, which means that putting CRIT DMG might sound good paired with these weapons.

However, the inconsistency of maybe getting a critical hit also makes CRIT DMG a meaningless stat on a Genshin Impact character if they don’t crit consistently with this weapon. If these weapons had CRIT DMG as their main stat instead of attack, they maybe could be a bit more desirable, but attack as the main stat on a weapon isn’t overly good. While the passive of the Royal weapons sounds alright on paper, in practice, they are inconsistent and messy, which honestly makes them straight up just bad weapons and should not be purchased.

HoYoverse should consider adding a new 4-star family of weapons to the Shop in Genshin Impact. The two families already available aren’t that great, so maybe adding a new type that’s more desirable would get players to spend their Starglitter in Genshin Impact on more than just 4-star characters. Until then, unless players don’t have any better options, they might want to consider avoiding the weapons in the Shop altogether.

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