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How To Get The Heartshadow Exotic Sword (& Its Catalyst)

Heartshadow is a new Exotic Sword in Destiny 2 that is perfect for any Void 3.0 build. Unlock it, and its Catalyst, in the Duality Dungeon.

The Heartshadow is a brand new Exotic Sword in Destiny 2, and it’s a weapon that players should try to get as soon as possible. Season of the Haunted has introduced a few new Exotic weapons to players within the first week, weapons like Heartshadow and the reprised Trespasser Sidearm in Destiny 2. Heartshadow has a lot of potential for Void 3.0 builds in the game, despite the season introducing a Solar 3.0 rework. Nonetheless, the Exotic Sword and its Catalyst are well worth the time it takes to get both.

By default, Heartshadow’s two unique traits make it one of the best swords in the game. Exhumation is its intrinsic trait, and it turns players invisible while firing exploding Void projectiles whenever heavy attacks are made with full Sword energy. Shot in the Dark is its Exotic trait, and it synergizes with the intrinsic by increasing the damage dealt while players remain invisible. Furthermore, it applies a temporary debuff to targets making them more susceptible to damage for a short time.


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The Heartshadow Exotic Sword is only available by completing the final encounter of the new Duality Dungeon in Destiny 2. While the initial odds of receiving the weapon are slim, players can actually increase their chances by completing the three Triumphs with an Exotic Engram icon in the lower right corner of the Discerptor title menu. The easiest of the three triumphs to complete is Mind Heist, which tasks players with finding all 12 of the Repressed Memories throughout the Dungeon. The other two are Solo Thoughtstealer and Master Thoughtstealer, which require players to complete the dungeon solo and on Master difficulty, respectively.

How To Unlock The Heartshadow Catalyst In Destiny 2

How To Unlock The Heartshadow Catalyst In Destiny 2

The Catalyst for Heartshadow can only be unlocked once players have the Exotic Sword itself. Once one player has the sword unlocked, all fireteam members will be able to fight three Nightmare enemies scattered throughout the dungeon. Each defeated Nightmare will spawn an essence, which then has to be deposited in different locations.

The first Nightmare enemy is next to the second Repressed Memory in the Duality Dungeon. Once the Nightmare is defeated, pick up the essence and rush to the area behind the bell before the Nightmare Collapsing timer runs out. Deposit the essence, then continue through the dungeon as intended. Players will run into the second Nightmare enemy during the jumping puzzle once the first encounter has been completed. Pick up the essence, then continue onward to the area where four statues face the bell in the Nightmare realm. The second deposit area is located on the same column that contains another Repressed Memory.

The final Nightmare enemy is along the same tunnel as the final Repressed Memory in the Nightmare realm. Defeat the enemy, pick up the essence, and continue to the bell before the Nightmare Collapsing timer runs out. After leaving the Nightmare realm, defeat the Cabal, then deposit the final essence on the lone platform to get the Heartshadow Catalyst in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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