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Ms. Marvel Character Posters Reveal Colorful Look at Full Cast

Kamala Khan’s artistic passion is on display in a series of visually-stunning new Ms. Marvel character posters for the upcoming Disney+ series.

Marvel offers a closer look at characters from the upcoming Ms. Marvel series in some vibrant new images. Marvel has been using its Disney+ shows to offer its less prominent characters more fleshed-out stories, as seen in Moon Knight and Hawkeye. Ms. Marvel follows this trend as it will introduce the character before she makes her film debut in The Marvels beside Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. The latest Marvel TV series centers around Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani in her first on-screen role.

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With Ms. Marvel’s premiere on Disney+ just over a week away, Marvel has released several brightly colored posters introducing fans to the characters of the show. Kamala is full of creativity, particularly with her fanfiction writing, although the trailer and promotional images seem to focus more on her artistic side. These images show off Kamala’s artsy passions with brightly-colored, lively collages full of what looks like Kamala’s cartoon sketches. Check out the images below:




Nakia in ms marvel



kamran ms marvel






Ms. Marvel is set to follow Kamala, a superhero-obsessed high schooler who finds a magical artifact that gives her cosmic powers. However, Kamala’s comic book counterpart has polymorph powers, allowing her to stretch and change size, so this change has garnered some mixed responses from those already familiar with the character. Despite early apprehension, Ms. Marvel has received a flood of positive reviews ahead of its June 8 release date, with many praising the inclusion of art and animation. These images further the artsy impression given from the trailer and hint at a fun and colorful Ms. Marvel.

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Source: Marvel Entertainment

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