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Current Relationship Status, Age, Height & Zodiac Sign Of The Main Cast

Season 1 of Bling Empire debuted on Netflix in 2021 and quickly gained immense popularity worldwide. Showcasing the lives of rich Asian-Americans spread across Los Angeles, this reality series is full of gorgeous designer clothing, exclusive luxury cars, studded diamond jewelry, and some of the biggest and most beautiful mansions in California.

The series continued to showcase lavish parties with caviar and champagne, over-the-top birthdays with a vending machine full of Gucci bags, and a whole lot of drama in season 2, which was released in 2022. Fans witness new relationships form and old ones end, but a lot has changed since the show was shot.


Updated on May 30th, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: With the recent release of Bling Empire’s second season, Netflix fans were reminded of the strong, dramatic bond between this group of wealthy friends. Season 2 had a few new cast members, changeups in relationships, and even more drama. However, the series also led fans to wonder more about their personal lives, like their horoscopes, ages, and relationship statuses. 

Kevin Taejin Kreider: Single/38 Years Old/6-Foot-1/Virgo

Kevin Taejin Kreider in Bling Empire

Kevin is one of the main cast members and the narrator of the entire first season of Bling Empire. He may not be ultra-rich, like the rest of his friends on the show, but is one of the more likable characters on Bling Empire. In season 1, Kevin worked as a model but in season 2, Kevin explained that his modeling career was dwindling.

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In both seasons, Kevin tried wooing his close friends, Kelly Mi Li and Kim Lee. However, in the end, Kevin left the series single. With Kevin’s birthday on August 23, he’s a Virgo

Dorothy Wang: Single/34 Years Old/5-Foot-6/Aquarius

Dorothy Wang on Bling Empire Season 2

Dorothy Wang is a newcomer in season 2 of Bling Empire. As a friend to Christine Chiu and Jaime Xie, Dorothy is well-known in the LA area for her wealth and celebrity. Aside from Netflix, Dorothy was most known for her time on the former reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

In season 2, Dorothy told the cameras that she was still single and moving to New York  City in hopes of finding love in a new area. Being born in January, she’s an Aquarius.

Mimi Morris: Married/52 Years Old/Birthdate & Height Unknown

Mimi Morris Bling Empire

Mimi Morris is another newcomer to Bling Empire‘s season 2. Mimi is friends with most of the cast and is one of the wealthier cast members after marrying businessman Don Morris.

Not much is known about Mimi’s personal life (like birthday, height, or zodiac), but she has been with her husband for over 20 years and fans saw the extravagance of their lifestyles on the show.

Kane Lim: Single/32 Years Old/5-Foot-4/Sagittarius

Kane Lim in Bling Empire

Kane Lim was one of the best characters in season 1, but he didn’t have the best storylines with his friends in season 2. As the heir of a big real-estate development business in Singapore, he’s one of the first cast members fans were introduced to on the show. His humor and outgoing behavior on the show are certainly reflective of his Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Throughout the first season, Kane is single. However, at the end of the series, Kane talks about finally giving relationships a try and even asks Florent for his phone number. However, in season 2, Kane appeared to be single, although he didn’t talk about his romantic life.

Christine Alexandra Chiu: Married/40 Years Old/5-Foot-6/Sagittarius

Christine Chiu talking to the camera in Bling Empire

Christine is one of the most glamourous and best-dressed cast members on Bling Empire. She throws the best parties and is married to one of the most popular plastic surgeons in L.A., Dr. Gabriel Chiu. In the series, Christine had some of the best quotes that proved how rich the Bling Empire cast is.

Throughout season 1, the couple discusses whether they should have another child or not, even though Christine seems to be very against the idea. In season 2, Christine realizes she is ready for another child after all, and the couple ends the season trying to make it happen. Born in December 1982, Christine is a Sagittarius.

Kelly Mi Li: Dating/37 Years Old/5-Foot-6/Scorpio

kelly from bling empire

Kelly Mi Li is a badass entrepreneur who was dating Power Ranger’s actor Andrew Gray throughout season 1. Their relationship, however, was incredibly tumultuous, and the pair even broke up for some time, with Gray moving out of Kelly’s home.

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In season 2, Kelly was seen going to therapy over their former relationship. She is now single and grieving the years she lost with Andrew. Instead of focusing on a relationship, Kelly is focusing on herself and doing what makes her happy. And with a November 13 birthday, Kelly is the ultimate Scorpio.

Anna Shay: Single/62 Years Old/5-Foot-4/Capricorn

Anna Shay in sunglasses on season 2 of Bling Empire

Viewers wondered how most of the cast got their high net worths, and Anna Shay was one of them. Shay is one of the wealthiest cast members of Bling Empire. She is half Russian and half Japanese and lives in a new stunning villa in Beverly Hills.

Anna has been married and divorced four times, however, none of her immense wealth comes from any of her divorces. She is the daughter of Edward Shay and the heiress to his immense fortune. Much like her relationship status in the series, she is still currently single and happy being so. The Tab notes Anna was born in 1960, making her a 62-year-old Capricorn.

Cherie Chan: Married/30’s/5-Foot-3/Aquarius

Cherie Chan in Bling Empire

Cherie Chan, ex-pop star and current mother of two adorable children, celebrated the biggest milestones in season 1 of Bling Empire compared to any of the other cast members. Not only does she give birth to her son during the course of the series, but she also surprises fans by proposing to her longtime boyfriend during the season 1 finale.

In season 2, Cherie and Jessey were still engaged and planning their wedding. But according to her Instagram, the two finally married this spring. Cherie has never revealed her age or birth year but she is estimated to be in her 30s, according to Heart.

Kim Lee: Single/4 Years Old/5-Foot-4/Gemini

kim lee bling empire

The famous DJ and former model, Kim Lee, is one of the most renowned cast members of Bling Empire. Kim also has some of the most followers on Instagram from the cast. Fans witness her go through the emotional journey of looking for her father in season 1 and then attempt a relationship with Kevin in season 2.

At the end of season 2, Kim and Kevin were taking it slow but they never came to be anything. According to Distractify, Kim just turned 33 this May.

Andrew Gray: Dating/35 Years Old/5-Foot-8/Aquarius

Andrew Gray in Bling Empire

Actor Andrew Gray, known best for his role as the red Power Ranger has a starring role in Bling Empire’s season 1 thanks to his relationship with co-star Kelly Mi Li. He is one of the least liked cast members by fans and his co-stars alike due to his controlling nature and toxic relationship with Kelly.

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Andrew’s moments with Kelly were some of the saddest in Bling Empire, so it was no surprise that he wasn’t in season 2 after the two broke up. However, at the last minute of season 2, Andrew made a surprise appearance at Anna’s house. Express noted that Andrew was born in February 1987, making him a 35-year-old Aquarius.

Jaime Xie: Single/24 Years Old/5-Foot-9/Scorpio

Jaime Xie is an Instagram fashion blogger and daughter of the billionaire businessman, Ken Xie. The youngest of the cast, she has one of the most experimental fashion styles and is often seen spending thousands of dollars shopping on the show.

Much like her time on the series, Jamie is still single and continuing to grow her social media presence on Instagram. Being a Scorpio, she is incredibly passionate about her career.

Guy Tang: Married/41 Years Old/5-Foot-9/Leo

Guy sitting in a confessional for Bling Empire

Guy Tang is one of Los Angeles’ most famous celebrity hairdressers, he also creates his music. In season 2, Guy made appearances but didn’t get his own confessional.

Guy is married to Almar Guevarra, a research nurse who is currently working on finding the cure for brain cancer, according to Elite Daily. Guy shared that when he first met his husband, the two bonded over their love for Mariah Carey. Guy and his husband were seen together on the series and are still going strong in season 2. It’s unknown if the couple will appear in season 3, but a spin-off reality TV show of their lives would be interesting.

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