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Flash Unleashes His New Giant Mech Suit in Official DC Art

Justice League members are getting their own gigantic robots in the upcoming DC Mech series, with new cover art showing off Flash’s incredible mech.

Warning! Spoilers for DC Mech #1 (of #6) by DC Comics below

Several members of the Justice League are getting their own mech suits in a new series DC Mech, and the Flash gets to showcase his in a new variant cover.

In a new six-issue miniseries inspired by classic shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Robot Tech, the Flash, Batman, and Superman are getting their own giant mech robots. The plot of the series, which is considered out of continuity, has Darkseid returning to Earth and the Justice League heroes donning mech suits to stop him. A lot of thought and design went into creating each mech that focuses on each of the heroes’ styles and abilities. It’s unclear how many other Justice League members will be able to show off their own mech suits during the series, but Wonder Woman appears to have her own suit in the standard cover for issue two.


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The Flash mech variant will be available for DC Mechs #2, which is written by Kenny Porter and illustrated by Baldemar Rivas. The cover, which was posted by Ricardo López Ortiz on his Twitter account, features Flash in front of his mech like a Power Ranger posing with their Zord. The Flash’s mech has long arms and lanky legs, which is probably better suited for super speed than the other mechs.

Since this is a non-canon DC story, it’s unclear yet whether or not this mech belongs to Wally West or Barry Allen. Currently, Wally West is the main Flash in the DC Universe. But in the past, when either Marvel or DC does an out of continuity story that focuses on a gimmick such as superheroes using giant mech suits, they might lean into a more well-known or the original character like Barry Allen. In regards to their strengths, Barry Allen might be better suited to operate such advanced technology. Then again, Wally West’s wild and crazy personality might be more fun inside the mech suit.

DC Mechs is positioned to be a fun new way for DC’s favorite heroes to tackle the forces of Apokolips. More than that though, preview images allude to the fact that the Justice League members might be in conflict with one another. If this is the case, fans would be lucky to see some mech on mech action. Batman, Superman and the Flash will don their mech suits in the first issue of DC Mechs, which is set to hit comic stores July 26, 2022. Issue number two with the Flash‘s variant cover is set to release a month later on August 23, 2022.

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Source: Ricardo López Ortiz

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