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Chucklefish’s Magical Simulation Game Witchbrook Isn’t Dead

The magical simulation game teased by Chucklefish finally has a Steam page and updated images, giving players hope for a future release date.

Indie publisher Chucklefish has finally offered new details on the magical simulation game Witchbrook, confirming the game has not been abandoned. Witchbrook, which combines elements of Stardew Valley simulation mechanics with a setting reminiscent of the Harry Potter series, was first announced in 2018. Despite the excitement that followed the first development images, the game has received few updates and has yet to reveal any gameplay footage or teaser trailers.

Simulation games like Witchbrook have become increasingly popular over the past decade for their relaxing settings, low-stakes narratives, and intriguing worlds. The pixelated graphics, farming mechanics, and social elements of indie titles like Stardew Valley pull inspiration from the classic Harvest Moon games of the late 1990s and early 2000s while adding updated twists to the stories, like the inclusion of diverse NPCs and LGBTQA+ romance options. While little is known about Witchbrook’s gameplay, it is likely many of these popular aspects will make their way into the upcoming game.


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In a recent Twitter post by ChucklefishLTD, it was announced that Witchbrook not only is still in the works after years of silence but that the indie simulation title now has a Steam page for players to visit. The Steam page offers a look at new locations that will be a part of the game, and also allows players to add the page to their Steam Wishlists. Witchbrook’s Steam page doesn’t have any official updates for players to read through currently, but it is likely more information from Chucklefish will come in the following weeks or months. This could also include an announcement of early access gameplay or even a possible potential release window for the title.

Unlike Stardew Valley’s farming focus, Witchbrook will lean heavily into the magical school theme that has been showcased in both current and previous updates. According to the description for the game on Witchbrook’s Steam page, players will be able to go about their lives as students at the school, make friends, build a career path, and even tackle challenges after graduation. It is possible Witchbrook will draw further themes from Harry Potter, potentially allowing players to attend classes for potion brewing and spell casting, or possibly contain houses for players to become a part of.

The game could also be a nice option for fans of the Harry Potter series who may be on the fence about upcoming games like Hogwarts Legacy, due to the controversy surrounding J.K. Rowling. While Witchbrook is far away from a launch date, the release of a Steam page likely comes as a pleasant surprise for those who were originally excited about the title. Hopefully, Witchbrook will receive plenty of updates in the months to come, giving players a glimpse at a fresh, new magical adventure in a colorful fantasy world.

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Source: Witchbrook Steam pageChucklefishLTD/Twitter

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