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How to Find (& Kill) Friedrich Kummler

To unlock the K98k Sniper Rifle in Sniper Elite 5, players must enter Chateau Estate and assassinate Friedrich Kummler with a fatal chandelier smash.

Friedrich Kummler is an assassination target in Sniper Elite 5, whom players must kill during the game’s second mission, “Occupied Residence.” While it is naturally possible to charge into the Chateau Estate with guns blazing, the protagonist is provided with the bonus challenge to “Crush him with one of the Chateau’s chandeliers.” Completing this task will reward players with the Kar98k Sniper Rifle in Sniper Elite 5, an excellent weapon for taking down assassination targets from a long distance.

Occupied Residence” in Sniper Elite 5 offers multiple routes to assassinate Friedrich Kummler with a Chateau chandelier. The path that the protagonist takes will naturally depend on their preference or the current situation to which they must adapt. Nonetheless, there are two recommended routes that Sniper Elite 5 fans can follow for guaranteed success of both killing Kummler and fulfilling the extra challenge to unlock the K98k. The first method is by sneaking through the Chateau Estate’s main entrance.


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After stealthily going through the entryway of the Chateau in “Occupied Residence,” players should approach the climbable vines on the wall in the western corner. After reaching the rooftop terrace, follow the pathway on the left to a stairwell. Descend the steps and enter the doorway between two German signs in Sniper Elite 5 that read, “Balisaal im Umbau – DRAUBEN BLEIBEN.” Next, cautiously enter the eastern wing of the estate and identify Friedrich Kummler. He will be standing in the ballroom speaking with one of his officers.

Killing Friedrich Kummler In Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 How to Find and Kill Friedrich Kummler

Wait until the German Officer says the line, “Now what to do with you, Becker…” As soon as this occurs, activate the switch on the right to have the ballroom chandelier fall onto Friedrich Kummler, killing him instantly. However, some Sniper Elite 5 community members have mentioned that this feature is bugged, causing the mission’s challenge to remain incomplete if the lever was used in the assassination. To resolve this issue, shoot the chandelier instead to fulfill the bonus task.

Another choice route in Sniper Elite 5 to kill Kummler is by going through the tunnels of the estate’s underground wine cellar to reach the eastern wing of the Chateau. First, stealthily crawl across the inner ground to the vines leading up to a prominent open window. Then, carefully enter through the window to reach the ballroom with Kummler. From here, sneak over to the elevated platform on the right and wait for the aforementioned phrase from the German Officer. Once the conversation is over, wait for Kummler to walk under the chandelier and shoot the ceiling chain to kill the target.

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Sniper Elite 5 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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