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Rob Zombie’s Munsters Wraps Filming With Zombo Actor in Creepy BTS Image

Rob Zombie shares a new behind-the-scenes image of The Munsters, revealing the unknown actor playing Zombo has finished filming his scenes.

Rob Zombie’s reboot of The Munsters has wrapped filming the scenes containing the character Zombo. The Munsters is a long-awaited passion project for Zombie and will star his wife Sheri Moon-Zombie as Lily, Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman, and Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa. Zombie confirmed the project was in development in June 2021 with the film’s official logo and has since released several pictures and videos of his work on the reboot.

One of Zombie’s most recent reveals was that the character Zombo would be making an appearance in The Munsters reboot. Zombo was a TV personality that Eddie Munster gets to meet in The Munsters season 2 episode 22, simply titled “Zombo.” Eddie becomes entranced by the celebrity, which causes Herman to start acting more like his son’s new idol. Zombie announced this week that Zombo was making a return 56 years after Louis Nye played him and shared a behind-the-scenes image of the character’s new design.


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Just a few days after Zombo was revealed, Zombie has wrapped filming the character’s scenes. The director shared the news on Instagram, giving fans yet another new look at his version of the classic ’60s sitcom. Zombie’s original post of himself and the new Zombo actor can be seen below:

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Zombie has yet to announce who is playing Zombo, and it is hard to make a guess based on the actor’s makeup and prosthetics. Zombo was a one-off character in the original Munsters, so this deep cut shows how hard Zombie is trying to honor the ’60s series. The director is also including obscure characters like Lily’s Uncle Gilbert and Lester Dracula (Lily’s werewolf brother), both of whom only appeared in one episode in the original Munsters show. Zombo may be another one of these odd-ball characters Zombie is pulling into his movie, but he is also keeping the film fresh by including new characters such as Jorge Garcia’s Floop and Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson’s Barbara Carr.

Given how fast the Zombo actor wrapped filming after he was announced indicates he may not play a huge role in the movie. However, more importantly, it teases Eddie Munster may be in the reboot. Zombie still hasn’t confirmed whether Eddie and Marilyn Munster will be in his movie or if they will be saved for a potential sequel. Including Zombo could mean Eddie will play a role in The Munsters‘ story, but because Zombie is such a big fan of the original, it could just be a fun cameo he wanted to throw in to celebrate the ’60s sitcom.

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