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BOTW 2’s Link Unleashes Full Triforce Power In Beautiful Fan Art

A talented Zelda: Breath of the Wild fan has created a beautiful piece of art showing off the full power of BOTW 2’s Link with the Master Sword.

A player of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has prepared for the upcoming release of BOTW 2 with a beautiful piece of fan art showing Link with his Triforce of Courage, ready to unleash his full power onto his foes. In trailers for the sequel, Link has been seen with a new design featuring traits such as longer hair, hinting at time passing since the first game. More notably, however, is that Link’s right arm has changed and he is covered with strange markings that resemble ancient technology.

Breath of the Wild 2 may be one of the most anticipated titles yet to be released from Nintendo. With the incredible success of the first Breath of the Wild, fans have been wanting more ever since 2017. Players got more content in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, but it wasn’t a true sequel. Nintendo has only released a few brief glimpses of BOTW 2 and its new abilities, sky world, and the surprising images of Link’s right arm resembling ancient tech along with the iconic Master Sword being corroded. However, even that little has been enough to leave fans hungry for more on the game and its story.


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Sporting Link’s new look as seen from the trailers and sneak peeks, Twitter artist Jasqreate posted a stunning piece of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 fan art. In her work, Link is surrounded by swirling colors of power, red from the Calamity, blue-green from the new ability Link is seen wielding in the trailer, and gold from the Triforce of Courage. Link has a look of pure determination, unfettered by fear, ready to strike even with the damaged Master Sword. It’s a wonderfully composed image, that fits perfectly in character with Link and his Triforce of Courage. Jasqcreate, like many fans, also hopes that there will be more news about Breath of the Wild 2 this month.

With the release date of Breath of the Wild 2 being pushed back, fans are hungry for any kind of content. Breath of the Wild has had so much influence within the gaming industry, with titles like Elden Ring and Pokémon Legends: Arceus, following its lead and giving their fans bigger worlds to explore. The inspiration that Breath of the Wild‘s open-world and story brought, not only to developers but fans as well, has barely waned over the past five years. This has led to the creation of many beautiful and ambitious pieces of Breath of the Wild art, just like Jasqcreate’s.

Jasqcreate’s masterful depiction of BOTW‘s Link has not gone unnoticed. Her art has already reached thousands of like-minded fans, who continue to share it along with their enthusiasm for the upcoming sequel. Whether or not Nintendo will release any more updates on Breath of the Wild 2 this month remains to be seen, but beautiful works of art like Jasqcreate’s assure that fans will be ready and waiting to continue creating art because of it.

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Source: Jasqreate/Twitter

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