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Why Disney+ Should Scrap Daredevil’s Original Season 4 Villain Plans

Although Netflix already mapped out the canceled Daredevil season 4’s antagonists, Disney+ needs to change these villain plans.

Although Daredevil season 4 didn’t happen on Netflix, a series now confirmed to arrive on Disney+ – and it shouldn’t keep its original villain plans. While details are sparse regarding Netflix’s canceled Daredevil season 4, enough information has been given to paint a picture of what the season may have been like. And while this story would have worked well as originally intended in 2018, a lot has changed for Marvel and the MCU, meaning that Disney+ shouldn’t keep Daredevil season 4’s original villain.

First released on Netflix in 2015, Daredevil is the critically acclaimed series based on the classic Marvel superhero Matt Murdock. Spanning three seasons, Netflix’s Daredevil elevated not only the superhero genre at the time but streaming series as a whole – drawing rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. Despite this high praise, however, Netflix canceled Daredevil after season 3, leaving plans for season 4 and season 5 out to dry.


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In an interview with #SaveDaredevil on YouTube, Daredevil season 3 showrunner Erik Olsen revealed some of his now-scuppered plans for season 4. Among these were that Bullseye wouldn’t reappear until season 5, The Owl would make his return, and, most importantly, Typhoid Mary would be the main villain of Daredevil season 4. It must be said that Typhoid Mary would have been a good villain in Daredevil season 4 before the cancellation. She had already appeared in Iron Fist, and the version of Mary in The Defenders-verse was a skilled fighter. However, now that years have passed and the MCU has changed significantly, Typhoid Mary should not be the villain in the Daredevil reboot on Disney+.

Typhoid Mary shedding her identity as a nun in the current Daredevil run

One of the biggest reasons Typhoid Mary shouldn’t appear in the new Daredevil series is her fighting style. As Kingpin’s appearance in Hawkeye shows, the MCU is attempting to power up the few Defenders-verse characters it has reintroduced. Because of this, Typhoid Mary would likely be closer to her comic counterpart, using psionic abilities to aid her fighting. One of the best aspects of Daredevil is its fight scenes, however, and having Matt Murdock face off against flying CGI objects would take away from the fantastic choreography and brutal combat sequences of the original series. More than ever, Daredevil‘s villain needs to be a fierce fighter like Bullseye to show that the series’ fight scenes can maintain the same level of quality as the original series that made it such a streaming hit.

Another reason Typhoid Mary shouldn’t be the new big bad in the Disney+ Daredevil show is her current standing within Marvel canon. While Typhoid Mary is a Daredevil villain in the comics, in the public eye, she isn’t nearly as synonymous with Daredevil as Kingpin or Bullseye are. As the new Disney+ show will be many viewers’ first experience with Daredevil, the series needs a villain as physically intimidating and as iconic as Kingpin to reintroduce the Daredevil series in an accessible way. Maybe in the future, Typhoid Mary can finally face off with Matt Murdock, but for now, Disney+ needs to scrap its villain plans from Daredevil season 4 and get back to basics with its bad guys.

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