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Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Are Sick Of The Moriah & Max Breakup Story

It looked like Moriah Plath had found true love with Max Kallschmidt on WTP. Now that the relationship is over, fans are sick of hearing about it.

When Moriah Plath first began dating Max Kallschmidt on Welcome to Plathville, it seemed like love at first sight. Fans were thrilled for her because it was her first relationship, and they were happy to see her being able to have that experience. On top of it, her family was very supportive and accepting of him. Max even developed a close relationship with Moriah’s parents Kim and Barry Plath.

Unfortunately, things took an unexpected turn when Max found himself surrounded by cheating rumors. Previously, he did admit that he “crossed some boundaries” but never went into any specific details. He finally put the rumors to rest this new season, revealing to Moriah’s brother, Micah Plath, what happened. He was emotional when he explained how it all went down. He said that he was at a friend’s retirement party, and he ended up kissing another woman while he was there. The news of this is what ultimately ended Max and Moriah’s relationship.


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It was clear from the beginning that Moriah had genuine feelings for Max and was truly in love with him. He even entrusted the help of her younger sister Lydia Plath to assist him in the process of picking out a promise ring for her. At that moment, it seemed like Max was Moriah’s ideal match. Since this was Moriah’s first relationship coupled with the promise of forever, the heartbreak that she felt was shattering when their relationship didn’t turn out as expected. Moriah’s broken heart has affected her greatly, but fans are sick of hearing about it. Fans took to Reddit to express their frustration and irritation over the Max and Moriah breakup storyline. Reddit user resolute01 said, “I hope this whole season isn’t Moriah crying about Max. Get over it already or the producers stop showing it.”

Welcome to Plathville Moriah Max Instagram

The breakup isn’t only affecting Moriah mentally and emotionally but is also affecting her day-to-day life and her motivation to move forward. Recently, Moriah’s sister-in-law, Olivia Plath, announced her move to Tampa, Florida, on IG with her husband, Ethan Plath. The move also included Moriah as well, and she is residing with them. Moriah has neglected to help with any of the household chores and doesn’t make any contributions toward doing anything around the house. Fans were also quick to notice this and were annoyed that Moriah was using her broken heart as an excuse to not take on any responsibilities. Reddit user poepipper in the same thread wrote, “Well at least Moriah continues to get away from doing chores AGAIN! For a couple weeks going to LA! Unpopularity opinion but that girl is really lazy!”

Fans aren’t just annoyed by hearing about the downfall of Moriah and Max’s relationship but also how it is being handled on Welcome to Plathville. While many viewers are empathetic, they just want the show to move forward and start focusing on other aspects of Moriah’s life. She is still very young and has so many opportunities ahead of her. Even though it may feel like the end of the world to her, fans know that there is so much more out there waiting for her if she could just look past Max. They also know that she deserves better and only wish that she could see that too.

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