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Pokémon’s Eevee Becomes Valkyrie Warrior In Majestic Cosplay

Eevee, the adorable fox-like Generation One Pokémon, has evolved into a Valkyrie warrior thanks to an imaginative and very skilled cosplayer.

Eevee, the adorable fox-like Pokémon, has evolved into a Valkyrie warrior thanks to the talents of a crafty cosplayer. With conventions of all types ramping back up in recent months, there has been a slew of impressive cosplayers showing off their skills, including two fans who recently showed off their eerie Five Nights At Freddy’s outfits. The amount of creativity and time that it takes fans to put together these outfits is nothing short of incredible. Cosplayers often spend hours, months, or even years putting together their outfit in painstaking detail in order to share their love of a character with the world.


Eevee has been a fan-favorite Pokémon for many years. The adorable fox captured hearts with its first appearance in Generation One, and has been given many evolutions and highlights over the years. In Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee, Eevee was given a chance to shine as one of the top stars in the franchise, alongside the other fan-favorite Pikachu. Players have always appreciated the Pokémon, so much so there was even an Eevee included in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2021, so giving Eevee its own game was no surprise for many longtime Pokémon fans.

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Instagram’s raahega shared her take on what an Eevee Valkyrie warrior would look like in an impressive Pokémon cosplay. The outfit includes fuzzy shoulders to mimic the fluff around Eevee’s collarbones and the ears appear to be made of leather. The creator mentions that the armor is made out of Eva Foam, which is a popular material in the cosplay world as it allows for intricate detail when replicating metal armor, while also cutting back on weight. It is also used to make suits, similar to this Pokémon cosplay of Charizard. The details on the armor and the shield are incredible and really show off raahega’s skills. She debuted this cosplay at Fantasy Basel, which is a festival that happens yearly in Switzerland. There is an impressive amount of work that goes into cosplays all year round and raahega highlights more of what she is working on in her Instagram posts, with more exciting characters on the way from her in the coming months.

See the post on Instagram here.

An Eevee Valkyrie warrior is a fun cosplay crossover that not many Pokémon fans would think of, as it blends not only different fandoms and historical myths and legends, but also offers a more human take on the fox character. Eevee, with its interesting origin story, is seen as one of the more docile Pokémon in the roster, and often isn’t thought of as fierce, so mashing it up with a Valkyrie warrior is a unique take on the character. Though it is unusual, the way raahega mixed them together makes that a fully believable trajectory for the seemingly-tame Pokémon.

The exciting prospect of conventions – and therefore cosplayers – returning is likely to bring even more creative cosplays to light soon. While raahega has set the bar high with her Eevee Valkyrie warrior Pokémon cosplay, with over 900 characters to choose from, there’s plenty of opportunities for even more unique ideas. Hopefully, there will be more incredible Pokémon cosplay on the way for the world to see.

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Source: raahega/Instagram

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