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How to Find Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal features mini-dungeons known as Hidden Lairs. Here’s how players can find them and face off against tough mini-bosses for extra loot.

The latest entry in Blizzard’s classic Diablo franchise, Diablo Immortal features many Hidden Lairs scattered throughout its world for players of all levels to explore and fight through. Hidden Lairs are small dungeons that players can encounter in several locations as they journey through Sanctuary and contain loot and valuable resources. However, they can be difficult to find, and players need to keep their eyes open to avoid missing a chance to grab useful equipment for their Diablo Immortal characters.

As the first Diablo game to be released on mobile, Diablo Immortal makes several departures from the traditional formula, featuring many new mechanics common to free-to-play games, such as a battle pass and microtransactions. Players will progress through the game’s missions, journeying through the world of Sanctuary and fighting monsters and demons. Diablo Immortal is an always-online game, but players can choose whether to play through it solo or with friends in multiplayer. With the game also featuring full crossplay and cross-progression, players are also free to play Diablo Immortal on their PCs and then pick up where they left off on the go using their phones. After a famously frosty reception to its announcement in 2018, Diablo Immortal has courted controversy over character upgrades just after launch. Regardless, some players are still enjoying the game, and anyone willing to stick with Diablo Immortal will find Hidden Lairs a useful source of valuable items and resources.


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Hidden Lairs are essentially mini-dungeons that the player can encounter while journeying through Sanctuary and provide rewards, including valuable normal gems, when completed. Typically, these mini-dungeons will only have one floor, ending with a mini-boss enemy known as a Lair Guardian. After defeating the Lair Guardian, a second portal will spawn to allow players to exit into the overworld. However, other portals may also spawn that lead players to a second floor in the Hidden Lair for more objectives, another Lair Guardian, and more loot. Once a Hidden Lair is open, players wanting a worthy challenge, loot, and the chance to complete objectives in Diablo Immortal’s battle pass can jump in solo or with a party.

Finding Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal adventurer finds Hidden Lair in graveyard

Diablo Immortal’s Hidden Lairs are accessible only through portals that appear at random in all of the game’s different zones except the starting area of Wortham. Unfortunately, their low spawn rate makes them difficult to find, and only a few Hidden Lairs spawn at one time. As a result, players in a zone where a Hidden Lair entrance opens will receive a notification that “a Hidden Lair has opened up in the zone” and have to explore the nearby area to find the open portal. Adding to the difficulty, these portals only stay open a short time before shutting and respawning elsewhere. Thankfully, the community at DiabloFans has released comprehensive maps that include possible portal spawn points for each zone.

It’s recommended that players get creative with Diablo Immortal’s fast travel waypoints and ask other users in the same zone for information, using the in-game chat to find open portals. This way, players can also hopefully find allies interested in delving into these Hidden Lairs and killing elite Lair Guardians for loot. This includes normal gems, which are guaranteed to drop on completing a Hidden Lair and can be socketed into gear to provide extra bonuses to the player character’s attributes.

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Diablo Immortal is available now on iOS, Android, and PC via

Source: DiabloFans

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