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How to Unlock The Helliquary (& What It’s For)

The Helliquary is a boss raid activity in Diablo Immortal that offers participants various rewards, including a passive Combat Rating buff.

Designed by Charsi the blacksmith, the Helliquary is a conduit device in Diablo Immortal that identifies powerful Wrathborne Demons and tracks them down to a rift-like dungeon where the protagonist can face the fiend solo or with a Warband. This supernatural device connects adventurers to the Einfrinn Tree, which is a direct gateway to these lairs where the battles will occur. Once a Wrathborne Demon boss in Diablo Immortal has been defeated, the Helliquary will provide users with an increase in their Combat Rating, a crucial attribute for combat and the key element of Helliquary progression.


As heroes raise their Combat Rating and level up the Helliquary, new Wrathborne Demons will become available. These Helliquary bosses will drop various rewards, including Demonic Remains and items that can be placed directly into the conduit device’s sockets. These remains offer bonuses to Combat Rating and other character attributes for enhancing combat. To upgrade the Helliquary, Diablo Immortal players must procure Scoria, a unique material that can be taken to Charsi for refinement. She will smelt Scoria into Hellfire Scoria, the primary resource for the Helliquary’s ascension.

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To unlock the Helliquary in Diablo Immortal, adventurers must first complete the main story questline for Bilefen, the island located south of Aranoch. Players will reach this location in Diablo Immortal via the Library of Zoltun Kulle at around Levels 40 to 45. Once the questline has been complete, heroes can return to Westmarch and speak with Deckard Cain in his workshop to begin the quest, “Opening the Helliquary.”

Unlocking The Helliquary In Diablo Immortal

Unlocking The Helliquary In Diablo Immortal

After meeting with Cain back in Westmarch, he will introduce the protagonist to Rayek, a friend of Charsi. He can be found near the Einfrinn Tree within the city. After exhausting the dialogue with Rayek, the player can interact with the Helliquary to be transported into an instance. A cutscene will play of the tree, opening a blood-red gateway. Lassal will poke his fiendish self out of the portal and give a short monologue before unleashing Hell onto Westmarch.

The protagonist will then relocate back to Cain’s workshop, where Rayek will explain the situation. Next, traverse the city and slay the attacking hordes of demons. Eventually, class-based heroes of Diablo Immortal will enter Rakkis Plaza and encounter Chaos Herald Pyl, a miniboss who can be defeated after the surrounding Death Spires have been destroyed. Once Pyl is dead, continue to the Einfrinn Tree and face Lassal the Flame-Spun in combat. Once the battle is over, the protagonist will awaken from their trance-like state and receive access to the Helliquary.

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Diablo Immortal is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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