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Becca & Thomas Reveal Why They Will Share Joint Last Name

Bachelor In Paradise couple Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs are engaged. Now they share that when they get married, they will combine their last names.

Bachelor In Paradise season 7 lovebirds Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs are engaged and revealed why they plan to combine their last names when they get married. Becca and Thomas, or Tommy and Boops as they affectionately call each other, met on the beach in Mexico last summer and had an instant connection. Although Thomas was known as a villain from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette in 2021, Becca gave him a chance, and they were falling in love. Their easy and fun relationship was one of the strongest in Paradise.

However, Becca, who had previously gotten engaged on both The Bachelor season 22 and her own season of The Bachelorette, broke up with Thomas before they could leave Bachelor In Paradise together as a couple. After filming ended, Becca called Thomas to apologize and they have been together ever since, sharing a supportive and loving relationship. In what Becca called “the ultimate plot twist,” on May 15, she proposed to Thomas and he happily accepted. Two weeks later, on May 29, they announced their engagement to the world.


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On the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, which Becca co-hosts with Michelle Young, Becca and Thomas revealed why they want to share a joint last name when they get married in the future. Becca shared that they plan to hyphenate their last names. Thomas said that they do not yet know the order, but he learned through a Google search that typically the maiden name comes first and then the paternal one. Becca said, “I don’t know if it matters [if it is] Kufrin-Jacobs or Jacobs-Kufrin,” but they definitely want to hyphenate. She also shared that they want their future kids to hyphenate their last names too.

Thomas Jacobs Becca Kufrin Engaged Bachelor In Paradise Bachelorette

When it comes to their future children, Becca explained that the Bachelor In Paradise couple wants to use both names because “they’re both of us.” Thomas shared that this will have a special meaning especially for the kids because “since Becca lost her father, and it’s her and her sister, I just don’t want to see any scenario where there’s not a Kufrin going around in the world.” Becca’s father, Steve Kufrin, passed away from brain cancer when Becca was 19 years old. For this reason, Thomas said that he thinks that a joint last name is a special thing to have. It will allow their children to keep the Kufrin name going.

Becca and Thomas have one of the strongest relationships to ever come out of Bachelor In Paradise. Their progressive ways of thinking translate into a supportive relationship in which both of them take their turns shining. Their decision to combine their last names when they get married is a beautiful symbol of their equal partnership. Bachelor Nation is now eagerly awaiting the Kufrin-Jacobs (or Jacobs-Kufrin) wedding.

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Source: Bachelor Happy Hour

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