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Everything We Know About Titan & Garuda’s Dominants

Square Enix finally showed another glance at the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy 16, during the recent Sony State of Play event. The new FF16 trailer gave a 2023 release window, as well as a closer look at the new gameplay mechanics, and some of the characters who will be appearing in the game. Two of the new FF16 characters revealed in the trailer are Hugo Kupka, the Dominant of Titan, and Benedikta Harman, the Dominant of Garuda, who are some of the most powerful individuals in the game’s world.

FF16 takes place in the land of Valisthea, which is broken up into different countries. Valisthea is home to massive Mothercrystals, which provide the aether that is used to power the magick of the world. The nations of Valisthea have built around the Mothercrystals, in order to wield their power more efficiently. The balance of power is thrown into chaos, however, as a calamity known as the Blight threatens to spread across the world, and may lead to a global conflict between the nations of Valisthea. The player takes on the role of Clive Rosfield, the eldest son of the Archduke of Rosaria. Clive became a great warrior and is tasked with protecting his younger brother, Joshua, who wields the power of the Phoenix. Clive eventually comes into contact with Ifrit, which results in him beginning a quest for revenge.


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The world of Final Fantasy 16 is using the familiar summons from the Final Fantasy series in a big way. In some entries in the series, the summons are little more than powerful attacks with a fancy cutscene, while in others, they are among the powerful beings in the world, whose usage has great consequences throughout the story. The summons in FF16 are at the very foundation of the story, as are the humans who act as their conduits and avatars in the world. Garuda and Titan are two recurring summons from the Final Fantasy series and they will play a major role in FF16, as will the people who channel their power on the battlefield.

What Are The Dominants In Final Fantasy 16?


In the world of FF16, the recurring summon monsters from the Final Fantasy series are known as Eikons. The Eikons cannot manifest in the land of Valisthea on their own and require the aid of a human being. There are people in Final Fantasy 16 known as Dominants, who were blessed (or cursed) with the power of an Eikon at birth, and are unable to cut their connection. The Dominants are able to manifest elements of the Eikon’s power and are even shown transforming into their respecting Eikon, for kaiju-style battles with other Eikons. The various nations of Valisthea treat their Dominants in different ways, with some rising to positions of prominence, and others being enslaved, so that they can be unleashed on the battlefield. In terms of concept, the Dominants are like a mixture of the l’Cie from FF13 and the Jinchūriki from Naruto, as they are regular humans who have been infused with the power of a magical being, which alters the course of their life.

The trailers for Final Fantasy 16 have revealed several Eikons, including Ifrit, Shiva, Phoenix, Bahamut, Odin, Titan, Ramuh, and Garuda. It’s unclear if there will be other Eikons in the final game, but there should be at least eight Dominants. Joshua Rosfield, the younger brother of FF16 protagonist Clive Rosfield, is the Dominant of Phoenix. Clive himself is stated not to be a Dominant, yet he is shown using the power of several different Eikons in the most recent FF16 trailer. It has been confirmed that a Dominant acts as the champion of The Holy Empire of Sanbreque, while another acts as the ruler of the Kingdom of Waloed.

Hugo Kupka: The Dominant Of Titan In Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 Titan Dominant

Hugo Kupka is the Dominant of Titan, who resides in the Dhalmekian Republic of Final Fantasy 16. The government of the Dhalmekian Republic is picked from members of its five states, which rule as a committee, with no head of state. The Dominants are given a special seat in the Dhalmekian Republic’s parliament, with Kupka’s role being as a Permanent Economic Adviser. Once a regular foot soldier, Kupka’s awakening as the Dominant of Titan lead to a meteoric rise in power, giving him control over the republic’s armies and laws, and making him wealthy in the process.

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He eventually has a run-in with the Dominant of Garuda and she teaches him that there is more to the world than wealth and power. Kupka is a massive man with a powerful demeanor, who is shown manhandling other council members and cutting down soldiers with an ax on the battlefield. There is a scene where Kupka is shown battling Clive, with his body shrouded in yellow crystals. The full Titan Eikon form is shown battling Shiva and smashing through her ice with his fist, and having his arm blown apart by Ifrit’s flames. The Titan form is also shown causing an earthquake that strikes an army of soldiers.

Benedikta Harman: The Dominant Of Garuda In Final Fantasy 16

FF16 Garuda Dominant

Benedikta Harman is the Dominant of Garuda, who hails from the Kingdom of Waloed, though she is not the only Dominant in the region. The Kingdom of Waloed rules over the eastern portion of Valisthea, where it has often battled the orcs and beastmen tribes that reside in the region. The current ruler of Waloed is an unnamed king, who is also the Dominant of an unknown Eikon. Benedikta is the commander of Waloed’s intelligencers, who is currently on a mission to seek out the Eikon of Fire, which brings her in contact with Clive, as well as Kupka. Benedikta is described as coldhearted and ruthless, and her transformation into Garuda, the Warden of the Wind, is shown in gruesome detail in the trailer. There is a scene in the Final Fantasy 16 trailer showing Clive in bed with a woman who appears to be Benedikta, suggesting they are lovers, but they are both shown from behind, so the woman’s identity has yet to be confirmed.

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