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Harry Potter: 18 Best Draco Malfoy Quotes

Draco Malfoy is a fascinating character from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone all the way up to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. At first, fans saw him as an average bully, yet, as the series progressed, it became increasingly obvious that there were a lot more layers to the trash-talking Slytherin. He may be the absolute worst, but he is nonetheless an extremely interesting character.

Obsessed with his pure-blood heritage and eager to prove himself as a promising dark wizard like his father, Draco Malfoy could, to some degree, be interpreted as a sympathetic character. He is, ultimately, redeemed by the end of the series, but can fans ever forgive him for all of the horrible things he’s said throughout the series?


Updated on June 8th, 2022 by Tanner Fox: Draco Malfoy is certainly detestable; from mouthing off at Hermione in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to attempting to kill Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, he’s done some petty irredeemable things. That said, he shows flashes of dry wit at points, and he does his best to make up for years of horrible behavior after the Dark Lord is defeated.

Fans can’t quite decide of Malfoy is or is not worthy of redemption, but, while many of the things he said in the Harry Potter series were scathing, others revealed at least a glimpse of hidden humanity that proved that he wasn’t quite as evil as he suggested.

With Friends Like These

“Honestly, Goyle. If You Were Any Slower, You’d Be Going Backwards.”

Draco is beloved by many for his quick wit and sharp tongue. Though his insults are cruel, they are also usually hilarious. This quote is the perfect example of Draco delivering a line that is equal parts insulting and hysterical. Draco’s friends are typically subject to insults from Draco, and yet they remain loyal to Draco through it all.

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Oddly enough, while Crabbe and Goyle remained constant, the actors portraying them did not. According to Republic World, Jamie Waylett, the young actor who played Crabbe, had to be replaced in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 after a string of legal issues sidelined his career.

I Bet You Loved That, Potter

“Famous Harry Potter. Can’t Even Go To A Book Shop Without Making The Front Page.”

Harry Potter and Gildroy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

In the second film, Harry encounters his soon-to-be Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher at a book signing in Diagon Alley. Draco despises the attention his rival receives and immediately confronts him, spouting these lines.

This hints at the insecurities Malfoy tries so desperately to hide; he’s desperate for approval from those he admires, and seeing his hated enemy so effortlessly earn it must be equally embarrassing and insulting to him. Of course, Gilderoy Lockhart would eventually be revealed as a complete fraud, so that’s something Malfoy has in common with him.

You Do Not Want To Insult A Hippogriff

“You’re Gonna Regret This! You And Your Bloody Chicken!”

One of Draco’s major flaws is his inability to take responsibility for his own actions. When he ignores Hagrid’s advice and approaches Buckbeak, he is injured. Even at that crucial moment, Draco is quick to pass the blame on to Hagrid. A half-conscious Draco, clutching his arm in pain and being carried to the hospital wing by Hagrid, is still hurtling threats and insults.

Of course, the Malfoy family are very well connected, and they’re able to have Buckbeak sentenced to death shortly after. Fortunately, Harry and Hermione free him by using the time turner, but it remained an unfortunate circumstance brought about by Draco’s detestable nature.

You Don’t Want To Go Making Friends With The Wrong Sort

“You’ll Soon Find Out That Some Wizarding Families Are Better Than Others, Potter.”

Harry and Draco dueling in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

One of Draco’s most memorable scenes is his first introduction to Harry. Though Draco’s role in the films was significantly cut-down from the books, his presence is overwhelming in the first movie, and he served as a secondary antagonist. But, before their relationship grew tense, Draco actually tried to form a bond with Harry.

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This isn’t surprising, as Draco loves power and recognition and would have loved to have Harry Potter as an influential ally. Of course, Harry sees right through Draco Malfoy and rejects his invitation, delivering Harry’s famous line “I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself, thanks.”

Fifty Points From Slytherin

“Excuse Me, Professor, Perhaps I Heard You Wrong. I Thought You Said The Four Of Us.”

Minerva McGonegall in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

One of Draco’s greatest pleasures is getting the golden trio into trouble. When he discovers Harry, Ron, and Hermione wandering the halls late at night past curfew, he is thrilled to report them. Unfortunately, this plan backfires on Draco.

When McGonagall delivers her punishment—50 points detracted from their respective houses for each of them and detention—she includes Draco, as well. This shocks him, wiping the smug look off of his face, and he politely questions her decision. McGonagall is quick to point out that, in order for Draco to have caught them, he also must have been breaking the rules.

The Tri-Wizard Tournament

“I Don’t Think You’re Gonna Last 10 Minutes In This Tournament. He Disagrees. He Thinks You Won’t Last 5.”

Draco can’t resist the urge to mess with Harry. When Harry is entered into the Triwizard Tournament, he is clearly petrified. This excites Draco, and he is quick to accost Harry, letting him know how little he and his friends think of Harry. Harry goes on to do very well in the Triwizard Tournament, but he probably would have been better off had Draco’s prediction come true.

Harry suffers greatly over the course of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but Malfoy likely felt even more spurned by the increased notoriety The Boy Who Lived inadvertently earned himself.

Nearly Killed Me

“Another Minute Or Two And I Could Have Lost My Arm.”

Malfoy lying on the ground after being attacked by Buckbeak in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

In a brief sequence in the third film, Malfoy can be seen showing his bandaged arm to a group of his classmates, boasting that he narrowly survived an attack from Buckbeak the Hippogriff. Eager for attention and approval, Malfoy plays up his injuries to the nth degree, making himself out to be some sort of grizzled war hero worthy of a purple heart.

Not only was he not going to lose his arm, but he wasn’t even close to brave during the encounter, dropping to the ground and muttering as soon as he received the slightest scratch.

Students Aren’t Allowed In The Forest

“My Father Will Hear About This!”

Harry Potter Draco Malfoy Forbidden Forest

This is one of the best Draco Malfoy lines because it’s such a classic Malfoy-Esque catchphrase. It reveals that the arrogant school bully is too afraid to fight his own battles and he has to get his daddy dearest to do all the dirty work for him.

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Malfoy may talk a big game at school, but the truth is that he is just a twitchy little child who is desperate for his father’s approval. Upon closer inspection, Malfoy becomes a pitiable character, and his evil ways are likely more a result of nurture than nature.

Worth His Weight In…

“Longbottom, If Your Brains Were Gold, You’d Be Poorer Than Weasley—And That’s Saying Something.”

Draco may be small-minded, but he has a history of spitting a ton of excellent burns. This kid would be an expert at comedy central roasts, and it proves that he’s got some wit, regardless of how scummy he often is.

Still, the spirit of these comments are incredibly mean and unnecessary, especially considering how often he lays down these burns. Why would anyone have the audacity to hurt Neville? That kid has a heart of gold… and, if Malfoy is to be believed, a brain of gold, as well.

You Wish

“Scared, Potter?”

There was a point in time when Potterheads couldn’t go anywhere without people reciting these lines. It was a part of the Chamber of Secrets trailer, and, ever since then, it has become an iconic moment in the Potter series. It shows off Harry Potter’s true sass, and it reveals that, as much as Malfoy tries, he can never intimidate Harry. It just won’t work.  It also proved that Malfoy was a pretty poor wizarding duelist.

Harry has gone face to face with dementors, death eaters, and the Dark Lord himself. Does Draco really think his scrawny butt will scare Potter?

I’ve Done Things That Would Shock You

“Trust Me, I Was Chosen.”

Draco and Lucious Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Draco Malfoy’s darkest hour occurs during the climax of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Eager to prove himself to his malevolent master, Malfoy corners Dumbledore atop a Hogwarts spire and threatens to kill him, revealing that he now bears the dark mark.

Yet, in spite of all this, Malfoy cannot bring himself to kill his headmaster, leaving Snape to fulfill the duty. This was, of course, all planned ahead of time by Snape and Dumbledore, though this isn’t revealed until the seventh Harry Potter installment.


“Training For The Ballet, Potter?”

Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter

Draco and Harry have such a classic back and forth in this instance, and Harry isn’t afraid to fight back, leading to a memorable moment between the two rivals. In this scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry is playing the Slytherin team in a game of quidditch.

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Harry is not doing too hot, and he’s spinning and twirling all over the place on his broom. Thus, Draco asks with amusement if Harry is training for the ballet. Harry ultimately won the day, but it came at an incredible cost.

You Might Belong To Hufflepuff, Where They Are Just And Loyal

“Imagine Being In Hufflepuff. I Think I’d Leave, Wouldn’t You?”

Draco Malfoy

Draco was kind of ahead of his time when he said this line in Sorcerer’s Stone because people making fun of this particular house has become an internet meme phenomenon. Although Hufflepuff is one of the most lovable and incredible houses at Hogwarts, Draco has to go and hate on it because he can’t appreciate the sheer awesomeness of the loyal house.

He wouldn’t know how to be kind and loyal if the world depended on it, so it’s no wonder he gives the house of Hufflepuff so much hate! Of course, these days, Hufflepuff is the butt of many jokes, so most would likely give him a pass on this.

Out Of Style

“Weasley, You Weren’t Thinking Of Wearing These, Were You? I Mean, They Were Very Fashionable In About 1890.”

Draco says this when he sees Ron’s out of date dress robes at the Yule Ball. It is this line that proves to us how Draco would be a perfect host on shows like Queer Eye and What not to wear. As much as Draco wants to be all tough and bad, he’s got a serious eye for fashion! Although Weasley’s dress robes are wildly old fashioned, we love him to death in this getup because it just further emphasizes how dorky Ron is! We wouldn’t be as charmed if he was in a regular tux, so Malfoy should just shut his yap and allow Weasley to rock the 1890s robes.

You Foul, Loathsome, Evil Little Cockroach

“No One Asked Your Opinion, You Filthy Little Mudblood.”

Draco looking in mirror

This was one of Malfoy’s nastiest quotes in the entire series, but it was certainly a memorable one. This was the first time Potter fans had ever been introduced to the word “mudblood,” and, even though most had no idea what it was supposed to mean, it was obviously extremely hurtful.

Hermione later explained the meaning behind it and Harry showed great sympathy for Hermione. This ended up being a defining moment that saw Malfoy go from an annoying bully to a straight-up menace.


“This Class Is Ridiculous.”

Draco hilariously says this during a Defense Against the Dark Arts class when Professor Lupin is teaching the students the “riddikulas” spell. Although fans love this scene when Lupin shows the kids how to turn their fears into something they find funny, Draco won’t even humor it because he’s kind of just the worst and he couldn’t figure out what a good time was if one slapped him in the face.

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Of course, “defense” against the dark arts was never something Draco was particularly interested in. He would go on to serve the Dark Lord for a time, after all.


“Reading? I Didn’t Know You Could Read.”

Harry Potter 3 Draco Malfoy

This line is so hilarious, especially considering the fact that it was improvised by the amazing Tom Felton, who plays Draco in the films. He says this line after he asks his buddy Goyle why he is wearing glasses. When Goyle—who is really Harry Potter in disguise—says he’s been reading, Draco is genuinely surprised and mildly impressed that his friend is able to do such a thing.

He once told Goyle that, if he were any slower, he’d be going backward. Someone seriously needs to create a book solely consisting of Malfoy burns. It would go on for ages.

Watching Out For The Wrong Sort

“Red Hair And A Hand-Me-Down Robe? You Must Be A Weasley.”

Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy in one of the early Harry Potter movies.

What a classic line! Funnily enough, in the Harry Potter movies, they actually give Rupert Grint shabbier-looking clothes so they could embody the “hand-me-downs” Draco refers to in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

There are so many small and amazing details like this throughout the Potter films, proving how much thought and effort has been put into those movies. This was one of the first lines to prove to fans how much of a scumbag Malfoy could be.

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