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Indian Battle Royale game Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) crosses 2 million pre-registrations

Battle Royale games are all the hype in the gaming community, especially in India. In order to capitalize on this craze, Indian developers are also stepping into the realm of the format with their own versions. One such developer, Mayhem Studios recently announced the game Underworld Gang Wars (UGW). The new game has been listed on Google Play Store as well and is available for pre-registration. Also Read – Mayhem Studios announces new BGMI rival built in an Indian setup: Check details

The new game has crossed the 2 million pre-registrations in India and is expected to garner more downloads before the game is launched. Mayhem Studios claims that this will be the first AAA game from India. The Battle Royale game was revealed via a cinematic trailer on May 22. Also Read – Apex Legends Mobile game launch date revealed: Pre-register to get rewards

The thing that will set this new game apart are the locations that will be used. According to the creators of the game, UGW is set in an Indian plot, UGW’s locations, icons, and lead characters of the gangs represent an Indian context. The game will feature rivalry between two gangs. One of the gang leaders is Tyagi, a gangster wearing a shirt and Lungi and carrying a hammer, and Boris, the gang leader carrying an assault rifle. Also Read – Free Fire Diwali All Stars 2021 tournament starts on Oct 30, offers daily prize pool of 1,00,000 diamonds

The game developers claim that the UGW game will get maps that resemble real locations of India including iconic landmarks such as a fort, station, stadium, coal mines.

Ojas Vipat, CEO of Mayhem Studios, said: “We are really excited to cross the 2 million pre-registration mark in less than two weeks. We are all set to offer a one-of-a-kind experience with the most relatable plot in a AAA game to millions of gamers. We really appreciate the love and support for UGW from across the country.”

Fau-G is another Indian Battle Royale game that gained traction after PUBG Mobile was banned in India. The developers recently announced a new map. While the game has managed to acquire over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store, the ratings have plunged to just 2.1 stars. The game was set around the Gallwan Valley conflict between China and India.

Mayhem Studios has made bold promises by calling their game a AAA title, we will have to wait and watch if they can live up to the expectations.

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