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How To Complete The Lost Artifacts Event in Diablo Immortal

The Lost Artifacts event in Diablo Immortal can be triggered in the Shassar Sea zone by defeating enemies until one of them drops a Mysterious Scroll.

To complete the Lost Artifacts event in Diablo Immortal, players will need to defeat enemies in the Shassar Sea zone until a special item drops. The event can only be triggered after players reach level 60 and complete the campaign. Additionally, there’s a very low chance for the event item to drop. However, continuously fighting enemies should eventually lead to the Mysterious Scroll dropping so the Lost Artifacts event can be completed.

Each zone has a special event that can be completed to earn upgrade materials and random gear. Some zone events have specific requirements, and some only occur during a set timeframe. Unlike other zone trials, such as the Haunted Carriage event in Diablo Immortal, the Lost Artifacts quest can be completed at any time as long as players find the Mysterious Scroll.


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To get started, the campaign missions need to be completed and the difficulty needs to be set to Hell. In the Shassar Sea zone, enemies can be defeated until the Mysterious Scroll drops from one of them. It can be any random enemy, so players should run around and kill any demon they come across. Once the Mysterious Scroll is obtained, the Lost Artifacts event should appear in the quest tracker on the left side of the screen.

Rewards For Completing The Lost Artifacts Event In Diablo Immortal

How To Complete The Lost Artifacts Event in Diablo Immortal Fighting Enemies

After picking up a Mysterious Scroll, players will need to open their inventory and click on the item to reveal a highlighted area in Shassar Sea. To complete the Lost Artifacts zone event in Diablo Immortal, players will need to visit the highlighted area shown on the Mysterious Scroll. There will be a lot of Ancient Urns all around the specified area, as well as a group of enemies to defeat. Taking out the demons first makes it easier to search through the Ancient Urns.

Interacting with an Ancient Urn will reveal an enemy, a trap, gold, or possibly nothing at all. One Ancient Urn will have the Lost Artifact in it,  so players should keep interacting with them until the right one is found. As soon as the correct Ancient Urn is interacted with, Calim will appear and take the Lost Artifact. In order to claim the rewards for finding the object, players will need to return to Tabri’s Encampment and find Diablo Immortal‘s Calim.

In the safe zone, players can speak to Calim to close out the quest and receive their rewards. Calim will reward players with a chest for completing the Lost Artifacts event. The gear inside the chest is random, but players will always receive Enchanted Dust. Even though the Lost Artifacts event is a reliable source for Enchanted Dust, there are more efficient ways to farm for this upgrade material. Lost Artifacts is currently the only special event to complete in the Shassar Sea zone in Diablo Immortal.

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Diablo Immortal is available for PC, Android, and iOS.

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