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Strange New Worlds Season 2 Could Have More TOS Characters

The executive producer of Strange New Worlds, Alex Kurtzman, teases that even more TOS characters could make appearances in season 2 of the show.

Alex Kurtzman, executive producer of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, teases possible cameos and character appearances from The Original Series (or, TOS). Star Trek first aired in 1966 and lasted for three seasons on NBC. Despite the relatively short run of Gene Roddenberry’s groundbreaking show, the sci-fi franchise has had an almost perpetual influence on television and pop culture ever since. It spawned many spinoff shows and movies, and the Star Trek universe does not appear to be slowing down any time soon thanks to its bustling presence on Paramount+.

The newest spinoff show, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, is a prequel to TOS, and it follows the crew of the Enterprise before Captain James Kirk takes over from Captain Chris Pike, played by Anson Mount. Pike only appeared in the originally unaired pilot of TOS and in a two-part special called “The Menagerie,” where he is paralyzed and close to death, a fact that has already been teased in Strange New Worlds season 1. This series gives Pike the space and time to shine by returning to the feeling and spirit of the 1960s show with a modern twist.


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Kurtzman, who has now been involved in five Star Trek series, shares that the cameos and participation of TOS characters in Strange New Worlds will likely continue. In a recent appearance on The Ready Room (transcribed by TrekMovie), Kurtzman teases what may lie ahead for the new series, streaming on Paramount+. Read his comments below:

“I guess the best tease that I could give you is that there are obviously characters who exist on TOS who are not yet on the show. So given that there’s a kind of five-year window before Kirk would have taken over the Enterprise–or seven, I have lost track–others may show up.”

Several characters from TOS—including Spock (played by Ethan Peck), Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding), and Christine Chapel (Jess Bush)—have main roles on the show. As Kurtzman points out, the show takes place in the five to seven years leading up to TOS; thus, more familiar faces will probably make appearances as that gap closes. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has cast Paul Wesley as Captain Kirk for season 2, so it is already heading in that direction now.

The Gorn, creatures from TOS, are already set up as villains in Strange New Worlds season 1, marking a very clear connection and homage. Not as clear but very intriguing is the teasing of the appearance of one of the biggest villains from TOS. The important character of chief of security La’an (played by Christina Chong) is a relative of Khan Noonien Singh. With this infamous character already being evoked, audiences should not be surprised by Kurtzman’s statement. There will very likely be more familiar TOS characters—and possibly even others from across the Star Trek universe—making appearances in Strange New Worlds season 2.

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 1 releases new episodes Thursdays on Paramount+.

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