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10 Most Terrifying Quotes Stiles Said As The Nogitsune

Teen Wolf fans were disappointed when Dylan O’Brien announced that he would not be returning for the new Teen Wolf movie reboot. Fans of the teen fantasy drama fell in love with O’Brien’s character, Stiles. With his quick wit and knack for physical comedy Stiles was one of the show’s best characters and provided comic relief in the tensest moments. As Scott McCall’s, played by Tyler Posey, best friend, no one expected the season 3B twist of Stiles becoming an evil Nogitsune. Stiles quickly became one of the series’s most terrifying and strongest villains.


10 “You Really Have To Learn Not To Trust A Fox.”

With this chilling line, fans realized how long Stiles had been playing all his friends. In some of his best episodes, Stiles was pretending to be himself and was sabotaging his friends’ efforts to rid themselves of the entity possessing him.

This was terrifying because it showcased how easily the Nogitsune could blend into his host’s personality and continue to feed off the chaos and pain around him, making him stronger. At this moment, fans thought the loveable sidekick might be gone forever.

9 “Look At Me. You Really Should’ve Done Your Reading, Scott.”

Cropped Void Stiles holds Scotts shoulder

No hero wants to hear that their opponent knows more than them and is ahead of them in their plan to victory. But at this moment, Void Stiles did just that, and Scott knew this might be his end. With his cutting remark Stiles let fans in on how he takes his power and Scott would be his new feeding ground.

Even though Scott had the highest fighting abilities, fans thought the Nogitsune would kill him for good. The calm way O’Brien delivered this line was downright chilling and scaring fans into thinking they knew nothing of this new villain and its power.

8 “We’re Not Really Afraid of Your Fireflies.”

Cropped Void Stiles in the hallway

While this seems like a pretty generic line that Stiles could throw at any opponent in the show, this crack was terrifying because, for the first time, the Nogitsune was telling his opponent that the Oni would not be able to contain him. This shattered any plans laid to bring Stiles back to normal and left the heroes defeated and back at square one.

Viewers were not only scared at what this could mean for their favorite characters but also for the future of the show as a whole. How could the series go on with no Stiles?

7 “Hi There, Could You Page Melissa McCall…”

Melissa McCall smiling in Teen Wolf

As one of the best moms on a teen drama, no fan of Teen Wolf wanted to see something happen to Melissa McCall. So when the Void Stiles requested Melissa by name, fans knew something terrible would happen. After Void Stiles said this, fans knew that no one was off-limits, and the real Stiles was too far gone to help save anyone.

Since Melissa had been like a mother to Stiles for most of his life, he would have never hurt her if he was in the right frame of mind, but the Nogitsune was in total control rendering Stiles helpless.

6 “You’ll Talk…They Always Talk.”

Void Stiles sit with tape covering his mouth

There is nothing like a good old threat to get the skin-crawling and the stomach-turning. As Stiles ambushes the new teacher in the school, he throws out a threat that the teacher knows he will make good on as a fly goes into his mouth, a direct sign that the Nogitsune is in control.

Something that made this quote even more terrifying is the moment Stiles says, “They always talk,” meaning that whatever was controlling him at the time had not only gotten important information before, but they weren’t afraid to torture it out of people.

5 “Now They Belong To Me.”

Having an enemy go from an army of one to a legitimate army of 1000-year-old warriors is not the ideal situation for their foes. At this moment, fans were scared that Scott and the rest of the Teen Wolf heroes would never be able to stop Void Stiles and get their friend back.

The Nogitsune taking control of the league of warriors who had defeated it before showed how powerful it had become while controlling Stiles. This fight only got scary as it seemed this was the end of the Teen Wolf universe as fans knew it.

4 “A Lot of Bad Things Happened Down Here.”

Lydia at the blacklight party in Teen Wolf

Fans came to expect a romantic gesture every time Stiles and Lydia were together, but when Void Stile and Lydia were in the school basement together, there was no romance. Fans feared that Stiles would hurt his lifelong love without even knowing. Fans were relieved when it seemed the pair would finally have their time together and learned to see Lydia as more than the catty mean girl who constantly made fun of Stiles. But that relief was short-lived. As Stiles said this, it sounded more like a threat that Lydia would become another person on the list of bad things that happened in the basement, just as she was becoming a likable character.

3 “I Hope He Gets There In Time. I Really Like The Twins.”

An image of Ethan and Aiden smiling together in Teen Wolf

When the twins were introduced to Teen Wolf, fans were instantly enamored with them and the role they would play in Beacon Hills. As critical players in Derek’s plan to stop the Nogitsune by himself, fans knew that the twins would eventually be in danger, but that didn’t make them any less scared when Void Stiles revealed they were in peril.

The sickenly sweet tone Void Stile used to tell who his targets were was not only chilling but annoying. This combination had fans on edge as they awaited to see if one or both twins would make it to the next episode.

2 “Chaos Has Come Again.”

Scott And Stiles In Teen Wolf Season 3

This line left fans shivering in fear and wanting more from season three of Teen Wolf. This line set the tone for how Stiles would be portrayed for the rest of the season, and fans worried that one of their all-time favorite characters might not return to the next season, which was more terrifying to viewers than anything Void Stiles did in the show. The other thing that made this quote so scary was the use of the word again, meaning whatever was in control of Stiles knew how to function in the Teen Wolf universe when none of the heroes knew how to take him on.

1 “You Can’t Kill Me!”

Is there anything more terrifying than a villain laying out all the ways that they can not be defeated? Absolutely not. This moment seemed like the end for Teen Wolf fans everywhere as Stiles, and Void Stiles existed separately, but Void Stiles didn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Like other lines on this list, the delivery is what made the quote so spine-chilling as Dylan O’Brien completely changed his voice to say it. Fans had never heard Stiles speak in such a deep and almost demonic voice, which made the entire scene far more terrifying than anyone expected.

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