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Moriah’s Most Shocking 2022 Outfits Ranked

Welcome to Plathville’s Moriah Plath is known for her rebellious behavior, and she has continued to shock fans with her outfit choices in 2022.

Moriah Plath is known as the rebellious sibling on Welcome to Plathville and she has several surprising outfits to show how she got that title. From revealing dresses to crop tops with low rise jeans, Moriah looks every bit like the musician she wants to be. Fans love how Moriah uses her style as a means of self-expression, and many of her outfits so far in 2022 have shocked fans.

On Welcome to Plathville season 4, Moriah has been dealing with her difficult breakup from Max Kallschmidt. Max admitted to kissing someone else, and the pair spent months apart after that before ultimately deciding to go their separate ways. Moriah has always been passionate about music, but she dove into her work during the breakup and has released two singles.


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In the earlier seasons of Welcome to Plathville, Moriah said that she felt misunderstood by her conservative family. She dressed differently from everyone else, trying to show more skin with her clothes and wearing heavier makeup. Fans are happy to see how far Moriah has come since Plathville season 1, even if there have been several questionable outfit and hair choices along the way.

Moriah Plath Rocking The Red

Viewers know Moriah has always been one to push boundaries with her clothing, and this photo of her in a red bustier top paired with low-rise jeans is no exception. Many fans were shocked by the departure from her more tame looks for a top that could also be worn as lingerie. There were mixed reactions to the post, as some fans were worried that she was overcompensating for all of the years she had to listen to her strict parents about how she dressed and is now taking it too far. Other Welcome to Plathville fans were happy that Moriah is able to show her true self and wear whatever she wants.

Moriah Plath The Wanderer

Though Moriah‘s caption in this photo talked about her traveling to 16 states across the U.S., fans were more surprised to see her latest revealing outfit. Welcome to Plathville fans love Moriah’s new sleek blonde hair and the risqué black leather ensemble. Moriah has been focusing a lot of her attention on releasing her latest songs, and fans are excited by her new confidence.

Moriah Plath’s Extreme Cut-Outs

Perhaps even more shocking than Moriah’s pole dancing post that left Plathville fans reeling is her take on a black dress that left little to the imagination. Moriah has gotten several tattoos, including a large one on her leg of a red and black rose, both of which were on display through the cutouts all up the sides of the dress. Fans have seen Moriah grow throughout four seasons of Welcome to Plathville, and it is reflected in her continuously changing style.

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Source: Moriah Plath/Instagram, Moriah Plath/Instagram, Moriah Plath/Instagram

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